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    Chinese food, that's hard. My wife is allergic to onions, so I don't "feel," but understand your pain. Always have her epi pen and/or a bottle of Benadryl when eating out. Many a time when Laura has to start chewing Benadryl during a meal.

    If you ever travel to Australia, do NOT order a hamburger. The majority of hamburger patties in restaurants have chopped onions in them, and come that way from the distributor. 

  •  @spydurhank I have a granddaughter allergic to tomatoes and the really weird thing is when she was 4 she would drown her fries and nuggets in ketchup, but not now 16 years later!  She has to have a pen handy just in case.  I experimented with making ketchup out of pumpkin puree but it was only passable not fantastic.  How are you with garlic?  I think they are in the onion family and I'm fairly certain they get used in a lot of American Chinese cooking.

  • I'm good with Garlic, raw garlic just burns like something really spicy and hot. I eat raw garlic if I start feeling like I'm about to get a cold. Works great. :)

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    @tddavis, Frank.

    Terry, I'm not surprised your granddaughter's allergies are getting worse with age. Unfortunately that can happen. Wifey Laura's allergies have gotten much worse over the last decade. Now being in the same room with onion can start to trigger an attack.

    Fortunately for Laura, she's also fine with garlic. If she couldn't have garlic again, I think she'd cry.

    Unfortunately for me, I love, love, LOVE grilled onions, and I'll never be able to cook those again. I'm not gonna make Laura miserable to have my grilled onions. The peppers are not a substitute....

  • Wip animation in this mornings build of Filmer. 

    Oh boy, I unified or hacked together render sample concepts from "Scrambling Distance" and Pixar's "Adaptive Sampling" along with my "other" Cycles speed hacks for some super fast renders.

    Shot of new render ui.

    Pimpin' it in Hitfilm. :)

    Exported the above 3D scene into Hitfilm, still a wip. :)

  • @spydurhank Looking awesome, Frank!

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis . :)

  • Super cool stuff coming up. A little coding, a little math mixed in with a little art. 

    Filmer on the left and Filmer with a new lighting model on the right. Pics later. :)

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    @spydurhank I don't know anything about coding and barely add and subtract anymore but a couple of things jumped out at me in the photos: samples at 6!!! WTH!!! And Hitfilm Cycles render???  I think I am a little stoked.

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    So first...yummy!

    Now if you could oh Master of Master's - Am I going to need two copies?

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis

    It's gotta be the art. The art settles me down and helps my brain work good. Feels good to process an entire thought with no bias. :) Oh my god! The new Lighting model that I'm using is pretty fantastic. I love light. :) Yeah, I could've named it anything but I named it after my favorite and only Compositing software. Hitfilm. :)

    Hey Grag @GrayMotion ,

    Yeah, you'll have two downloads for the time being.  Still need to add "Filmic" but it renders beautifully without it. :)

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    @spydurhank Sorry Frank.  I thought I was in my thread not yours.

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    Another quick Bussard test, this time re-lit with the new Filmer Sky lighting model. 

    I rendered and exported all available render passes from Filmer plus a few custom AOVs, imported that along with the entire 3D scene over to Hitfilm for some, well... you know. :)

  • I am pretty sure Pike would be pleased to call that his ship. :) Awesome as usual man.

  • Thanks @FlyingBanana78 ,

    You know... ever since @FilmSensei started the "Star Trek or Star Wars?" on his livestream,                                           I've been wanting to do an actual  "Star Trek vs Star Wars" scene. It'd be a hell of a fight. :)

  • @spydurhank Only Imperial Star Destroyers need apply for that fight! :) That Enterprise would wipe the floor with the Falcon or X-Wings. That is gorgeous beyond words.

  • Thanks @tddavis ,

    Wars weapons pack a punch and their ships are fast one on one and in a dogfight.

    Trek has em' beat with tech alone though, it'd still be a good fight. :)

  • Quick update,

    Recoded everything for the latest 2.90 series, been using it heavily for a long while. There was a revamp to the Modifiers UI so I'm refactoring at the moment and also tweaking the new Environment Sky Model. This thing is sweet. Oh and I hacked Pixars Adaptive Sampling code together with the Scrambling Distance code so that it also works with my Render samples and viewport Samples hack. So we can now get renders several hundred times faster than before. Also have the beginning for ragdoll, hardbody, and deformation sims. :)

    Gonna be awesome! :)



  • @spydurhank Sounds sweet.  I can't wait.  I thought I had really done something today by finally getting Eevee flames to render with transparent bkg and retain some (not all, but most) of the bloom that gets wiped out by Film/Transparency, but you win; hands down!

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    "There was a revamp to the Modifiers UI..."

    Because, of course there was. Quite a few fairly major changes in UI and how things work between Blender 2.8x and 2.9.

    Still can't get mouse wheel or Pg Up/Down modifier controls to work in current Filmer build. Only the panel at the bottom left. 

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    Hey Mike, @Triem23 ,

    Not sure what you mean by "can't get mouse wheel or Pg Up/Down modifier controls to work"

    Is that where you have a whole bunch of modifiers in a stack and need to navigate/scroll up and down to select or view one?

    Scrolling and Pg Up/Down works on my copy of Filmer, I'm on a desktop though. First I've heard that you're having trouble with the modifier stack, unless I missed one of your emails?

    I'm uploading the new build tomorrow for you guys to check out.


    Forgot to post this. Tinkering in the viewport, pause it and checkout the ui for the settings that I change when playing with the new Sky model and Glass shader... also checkout the visible render settings. :)

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    Yeah, I wasn't clear.

    According to documentation, videos, books, etc, when doing a LOOP CUT scrolling the mouse wheel and/or using Pg Up/Down is supposed to increase or decrease the number of cuts. This isn't working for me. Only the modifier panel after I've placed the loop cut and before selecting another tool works.

    A bit of a pain since, as I keep working on this FIRST TARDIS (remember, a skilled artist would have finished them ALL by now), I'm trying to eliminate some geometry issues in Hitfilm coming from having long, thin tris. Solution is loop cuts to break up those faces, but it's been tedious. That mouse wheel modifier should make it as simple as click-roll, move on. Instead it's click, click, mouse over to panel, select, drag.

  • Ah I've gotcha.

    I didn't know you were working with tris? If so, that sucks. :(

    If you're adding loop cuts, you should instead use a hotkey in the 3D view. It's 20 million times easier than what you're doing... I'm actually not sure at all what you're doing to create a loop cut? Clarify please? Just asking because I've always used hot keys for everything since day one.

    Try hovering your mouse over the part of the mesh that you want to add a loop cut too and click "Control + R". You should see a loop cut, You can change direction of the loop cut by moving the mouse around a bit.

    You can now scroll up and down with your mouse or use the Pg Up/Down buttons to add or decrease the number of loop cuts..

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    Well, I'm WORKING in quads, but part of the goal of the project is to provide the files for Blender/Filmer. But Hitfilm seems to want tris. When I've let Hitfilm do the triangulation, I'm getting visible artifacts on some areas, so I'm manually cleaning it up in Blender and doing tris before exporting the OBJ.

    As far as the mouse wheel/loop cut problem - never mind. For 2.8+ the devs removed the behavior I'm trying to do. The official docs for loop cuts are still using 2.79.

    Although Pg Up/Down does not work for me. The only thing that adjusts the number of loop cuts is the bottom left pop up panel. 

    Ticked me off enough where I just completely rebuilt that section from scratch. 

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    A lot of this is also about rebuilding long-rusted skills. I haven't built a model from scratch, really in 20 years (not counting a couple of things with spheres and displace modifiers). It's remembering niggly things like "Subdivide BEFORE bevel." The last TARDIS Beauty shot was also a 300,000 poly model. The one rendering NOW is 19448 polys. Most of the "wasted" 280k+ polys were in the bevels. It should look as good, I think. But it will handle a helluva lot faster. 

  • Ah cool Mike, 

    Glad you're working with quads during the build proccess. 

    I just noticed that you're triangulating your mesh before export?... how come? This will sound contradictory to what info you already have on exporting from Blender to Hitfilm so I'm just asking because there are several dos and don'ts when building a 3D model to work in Hitfilm. A whole bunch really. Triangulating a mesh before export is a definite don't. :)

    If you triangulate a mesh before exporting, you're unwittingly destroying all of your shading and marked hard edges that you worked on during the build process. This won't affect the mesh in Blender but the exporters can no longer see your smoothing angle and hard edges. You can tell right away in Hitfilm because you'll see one or all of the following...

    01. Inverted faces and normals, with some tris pointing in the correct direction while other tris will be inverted.

    02. Visible triangles in the shading, the faces and shading will appear warped where two triangles meet to create a quad. 

    03. Invisible faces, everything appears black and material setting won't work in Hitfilm.

    All of this leads to other problems and other problems and other problems. It is a domino effect.

    The only time that you might really need to manually triangulate a mesh is when you're doing some type of deformation. Other than that, you shouldn't triangulate a hard surface mesh before export. You're asking for trouble if you do. 

    Best bet is to build your object, set your smoothing angle, mark hard edges and bevel corners. 

    Then use my exporters located in the 3D view Hitfilm panel and don't use the built in Blender exporters.

    My exporters bake everything that you've specified on your mesh and then triangulates your mesh with all of that data baked in, all ready for Hitfilm. That way your mesh remains as quads in Filmer but is exported cleanly as tris for Hitfilm.

    Let me know if you have anymore triangle problems. There is always Skype!!? Greg is the only one that has taken me up on the Skype offer so far. :)

  • @Triem23 What about using the "Tris to Quads" function?

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    You can triangulate before export if you really, really simply must do it for whatever reason but it requires more knowledge to repair what the triangulation will do to your mesh during export. I simply avoid it and let my exporters do their job. :)

    Any manual triangulation will break your mesh shading during export, Blender may still see your smoothing and hard edges info in the viewport but the exporters will not because splitting a quad into a triangle changes the smoothing angle on the edge that connects the two triangles. I don't know why this happens, I just know that it does.

    After triangulation, you'd have to double check you smoothing angle and hard edges to make sure that they still exist in your mesh data if you were to triangulate manually, if they are gone then you'd have to remark hard edges and reapply a normal smoothing angle again like you would have during the build process.

    Nothing wrong with triangulation itself if you're willing to redo all of that work if it is required. Best way is to create vertex groups which are easily selectable all at once so that you can remark hard edges without manually having to select the edges that you need to mark.

    One bad move causes another bad move, then another, and another and another. Aint nobody got time for that. :)


    Sorry, it is early. Yeah that is exactly what the "tris to quads" function is for.

    I'm uploading a new Filmer build right now with all new operations and functions that perform way faster by using something called "B-mesh" operations... including a "tris to quads" and "quads to tris" Filmer is pimped out dude. :)

  • @spydurhank Just got it downloaded.  Now, to try it out :)

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