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    Chinese food, that's hard. My wife is allergic to onions, so I don't "feel," but understand your pain. Always have her epi pen and/or a bottle of Benadryl when eating out. Many a time when Laura has to start chewing Benadryl during a meal.

    If you ever travel to Australia, do NOT order a hamburger. The majority of hamburger patties in restaurants have chopped onions in them, and come that way from the distributor. 

  •  @spydurhank I have a granddaughter allergic to tomatoes and the really weird thing is when she was 4 she would drown her fries and nuggets in ketchup, but not now 16 years later!  She has to have a pen handy just in case.  I experimented with making ketchup out of pumpkin puree but it was only passable not fantastic.  How are you with garlic?  I think they are in the onion family and I'm fairly certain they get used in a lot of American Chinese cooking.

  • I'm good with Garlic, raw garlic just burns like something really spicy and hot. I eat raw garlic if I start feeling like I'm about to get a cold. Works great. :)

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    @tddavis, Frank.

    Terry, I'm not surprised your granddaughter's allergies are getting worse with age. Unfortunately that can happen. Wifey Laura's allergies have gotten much worse over the last decade. Now being in the same room with onion can start to trigger an attack.

    Fortunately for Laura, she's also fine with garlic. If she couldn't have garlic again, I think she'd cry.

    Unfortunately for me, I love, love, LOVE grilled onions, and I'll never be able to cook those again. I'm not gonna make Laura miserable to have my grilled onions. The peppers are not a substitute....

  • Wip animation in this mornings build of Filmer. 

    Oh boy, I unified or hacked together render sample concepts from "Scrambling Distance" and Pixar's "Adaptive Sampling" along with my "other" Cycles speed hacks for some super fast renders.

    Shot of new render ui.

    Pimpin' it in Hitfilm. :)

    Exported the above 3D scene into Hitfilm, still a wip. :)

  • @spydurhank Looking awesome, Frank!

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis . :)

  • Super cool stuff coming up. A little coding, a little math mixed in with a little art. 

    Filmer on the left and Filmer with a new lighting model on the right. Pics later. :)

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    @spydurhank I don't know anything about coding and barely add and subtract anymore but a couple of things jumped out at me in the photos: samples at 6!!! WTH!!! And Hitfilm Cycles render???  I think I am a little stoked.

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    So first...yummy!

    Now if you could oh Master of Master's - Am I going to need two copies?

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis

    It's gotta be the art. The art settles me down and helps my brain work good. Feels good to process an entire thought with no bias. :) Oh my god! The new Lighting model that I'm using is pretty fantastic. I love light. :) Yeah, I could've named it anything but I named it after my favorite and only Compositing software. Hitfilm. :)

    Hey Grag @GrayMotion ,

    Yeah, you'll have two downloads for the time being.  Still need to add "Filmic" but it renders beautifully without it. :)

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    @spydurhank Sorry Frank.  I thought I was in my thread not yours.

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