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  • I'm... "FXhome Alone" :)

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    "Just call the cops, Kevin, you psychopath!" 

  • Dude, Court and I were talking about Hitfilmin' a few of the Home Alone scenes where the burglars are pretty much maimed by Kevin. The tall dudes screams are soooooooo high in pitch. :)

  • Got a quick 10 minutes today to add some more detail and a ton of panels to Pike's Enterprise. I modelled the "Enterprise and N.C.C. 1701" text instead of painting it with regular methods/textures. I'll post better views later on. I'm only doing it in bits per day so I can keep up with doing other... ahem, cool stuff. :)

    A quick temporary export to Hitfilm just to double check for shading issues before texturing.

  • @spydurhank OMG!!! That is so incredibly freaking great!

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis ; . :)

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    Frank...let's Skype. You "locked in" in FLA right?

  • Yeah Greg, gimme a few minutes to set mic and things up, I'll email you in a bit.

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