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  • I'm... "FXhome Alone" :)

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    "Just call the cops, Kevin, you psychopath!" 

  • Dude, Court and I were talking about Hitfilmin' a few of the Home Alone scenes where the burglars are pretty much maimed by Kevin. The tall dudes screams are soooooooo high in pitch. :)

  • Got a quick 10 minutes today to add some more detail and a ton of panels to Pike's Enterprise. I modelled the "Enterprise and N.C.C. 1701" text instead of painting it with regular methods/textures. I'll post better views later on. I'm only doing it in bits per day so I can keep up with doing other... ahem, cool stuff. :)

    A quick temporary export to Hitfilm just to double check for shading issues before texturing.

  • @spydurhank OMG!!! That is so incredibly freaking great!

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis ; . :)

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    Frank...let's Skype. You "locked in" in FLA right?

  • Yeah Greg, gimme a few minutes to set mic and things up, I'll email you in a bit.

  • Finally textured-ish. Had to chill for a bit, banged my foot hard enough to take off a toe nail. 

    Still need to do a little something sweet for the Nacelle Caps. :)

  • @spydurhank Looking pretty sweet as it is, Frank!

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis . :)

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    We never get a really good look at Pike's Enterprise in Discovery, just kind of glimpses in the dark.  In the "daylight" its a whole 'nother deal.  Nice work indeed on texturing that beast.  Looks a little stretched though.  Could be the virtual camera lens is at a wide angle?

  • Thanks @Stargazer54 , I added some quick lens distortion.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Spydurhank Take a look at this walkthrough at about 4:55 for how one artist approached the Bussard collectors at the front of the nacelles. Otherwise, @Stargazer54's animated textures looked amazing, but that's TOS not alternate universe reboot.

    Otherwise, geometry remains excellent, the texturing is coming together nicely, but I haven't watched far enough into Discovery to see Pike's Enterprise yet. Did Discovery make Enterprise so "chrome?" My eyes are rebelling at this as not matching the material look of any Starfleet hull, ever.

    Then again, Andrew Probert and Gene Roddenberry's design rules for Starfleet ships are violated all the time, even by "official" Trek projects, so, fuggedaboutit!

  • Wow! Fantastic.

  • Thanks Mike and Jay. :)

    Saw that very same video a few nights ago. :)

    This is definitely not an homage to any of the Enterprise incarnations so throw out cannon to save yourself from eye gouging and  hair pulling. :)

    No time to explain but that Chrome which seems to stand out for you, it's actually something else but your own eyes are tricking you into thinking Chrome. I have no Chrome materials on my mesh. :) Like I said, I'll explain later but I'm very happy, very, very happy that you can see "it". You are about to level up Mike. :) :)

    There aren't very many clear shots of Pike's Enterprise on the Discovery show but it's hull is painted pretty dark and it is very darkly lit.

    You can join the "Maquis Resistance" if you still feel badly over some previsualization mock materials? :)

    I really dig @Stargazer54 's Nacelle Bussard collector's texture animation. I think I'll do something similar based off his Enterprise but I'm not gonna straight up copycat him although I am a really, really good copycat. :)


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    @spydurhank Copy away!  Look forward to your approach.

  • Thanks @Stargazer54 , good to see you on the Zoom thingamajig. :)

  • Quick Bussard collector animation test, still need to do @Stargazer54 's Bussard animation trick but it came out alright. I built geometry for the animation so it's not a texture. Figured I'd enhance it with textures painted on the inner Bussard cap but I'll do that later. Rendered with 3 samples so it's very low res.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Way cool!  Love the reflection on the hull.

  • Ooh thanks @Stargazer54 , I've gotta do a high res render of the Glass around the Bussard collectors, Impulse engines and those lit domes around the saucer section, My glass shader is pimp, you've got to see the caustics it casts on the hull when all the lights are on. It looks awesome too when in full global illumination. :) 

    I think the caustics will do some pretty cool stuff along the surfaces of the mesh when added to your Bussard animation trick. :) 

    I'll do that later because I wanna go catch @FilmSensei 's season finally, it's on in a few minutes. :)

  • @spydurhank That is super incredible.

  • Just finished coding an even faster rendering Filmer, at version 2.90.0

    About to test it out on Pike's Enerprise animation and then to Hitfilm for all the pimpin'. :)

  • Dropped a new Filmer release today.

    Sorry for the delay on tuts and releases, had to recover from an injury, ripped off a toenail... in the dark... and,

    some left over Chinese takeout tried to get me ya'll. :)

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    OW! Ow ow. Ow ow-wow-ow, ****! 

  • Holy crap that sounds painful. And I guess the Chinese takeout issue is better than the alternative "Chinese" issue. Hope ya get back to 100% again.

  • @Triem23 , @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Dude, the Chinese food was worse than the Toenail. My throat closed up and I could barely breath for a long-@$$ 15 minutes or so. Like I said... heh, the Chinese food tried to get me ya'll.

    Oh yeah, and it's Hurricane season, Ha!!! :) 

    Stoked to be alive, to poke fun at myself. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Dude, that sounds like an allergic reaction! You should figure out what it is... 

  • Onions, I'm allergic to onions. There must've been a bit of onions mixed in when I fixed myself a plate of leftovers.


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