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  • My entry for the 48 hour challenge, neon is the word of the week.

  • Just created a few 3D assets for my intro. 

    I made a 3d model of the Filmer UI and the Hitfilm UI. Gonna animate some space stuff moving/exporting from the Filmer UI over to the Hitfilm UI. 

    Here's one of the Models that I'm using in my intro, started it last night. Just finished the base mesh today.

    It is Pike's Enterprise from the Discovery show.

    I'm watching the show as I build the model. Modelling the panels is gonna be fun for this mesh, and there will be a ton of panels. :)

    Oh and this is just practice before I build the Discovery model which will also be in my intro... along with some of my Star Wars models. :)

  • @spydurhank Lovely looking Enterprise...nice details.

  • Thanks Terry @tddavis ,

    Takin' a break from it and watching the CW's "DC's Legends you can Borrow" with Court. :)

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
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    @spydurhank Sweet looking mesh!   But did you really build that in day ?!  <image sequence in my head of Wayne & Garth on their knees chanting, "We're not Worthy!">

  • Hey @Stargazer54

    More like a day and part of this morning. If I don't get distracted, I can complete a detailed model in a day. :)

  • "More like a day and part of this morning"

    Like @Stargazer54 mentions "We're not Worthy!" 👍

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    Hey Greg @GrayMotion ,

    Thanks dude, very much. :) 

    Gimme about a half hour and I'll have a surprise upload for you. I'll link it here but also shoot you an e-mail. :)


    Taggin' you again @GrayMotion . Todays release with all of the goodies. Updated info in product page.

    Yeah so that took way longer than I though it would. Had to update everyone's download code. Let me know if I forgot yours, or if you have any problems. 

    Unzip the file and please read the "Read me first" .txt file. Some cool stuff all up in there.

  • Made some time to build a Discovery base mesh. Spent most of the day sending e-mails and such.

    This guy will also be in my intro. Still building the Nacelles and shuttle bay. Plenty of geometry for panels. Eye ballin' it from the Discovery show. :)

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    @spydurhank That already looks incredible.  I wouldn't be able to model that in a decade of Sundays let alone a day!  BTW, I downloaded the new Filmer but haven't installed as yet.  Been working on a project for the grand children involving SouthernShotty Hairy Man dancing and his latest Worm rig and the living room footage from the Christmas Baby Yoda vid; slow going for me, for sure, but the non-verbal grandson will love the ABC song for the dance.  He is at the point where he tries to say them along with songs, but you really got to know him well to understand what he says.  He is obsessed with them though.

  • @tddavis ,

    Thanks Terry. Just a little practice is all it takes. :)

    I love what you do for your family. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @spydurhank when you get a chance, I don't think I've gotten my updated code(s) yet. It gets tricky since I have a tester status, AND I paid ya!

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    @Triem23 ,

    Just use your Beta tester code, you aint gotta pay dude but I surely appreciate it. :)

    I forwarded your code to your email just in case.

  • @spydurhank I always wanted to give Discovery an attempt at modeling but just never got around to it. Both of those models are looking sick! Can't wait to see them textured and ready for warp! I have been rather quiet lately a buddy named vertigo decided to pay me a visit and I have been laid up for the past few days so modeling and hitfilm has kind of been put on pause till the world stops spinning around me. And I wish I had your eyeballs if that is your result of eyeballing it LOL Keep it up man, loving it.

  • Thanks @FlyingBanana78 ,

    I've been wanting to model some Trek stuff ever since Zach Allen made his Voyager homage video. That thing is so cool. :)

    "I have been rather quiet lately a buddy named vertigo decided to pay me a visit and I have been laid up for the past few days"

    See my brain is so scrambled, I thought you actually have a friend nicknamed "Vertigo". Reading your post, I assumed you went out for a night of drinking with your buddy.

    Vertigo is no joke dude, how long have you had it? Is it a recurring thing? Keep your body temperature low.

    I've had vertigo only once when I was in pre-K and it cooked my brain with a fever of 104. I won't get into that but for sure do your best to drink plenty and stay cool, you've gotta keep that temperature down. Stay in bed and let your body do it's healing thing. :)



  • Oh I see an obj sequence exporter in there!?! Dude!!

  • Oh snap, I've been telling myself all morning, "slept in BTW", don't forget to tell Greg about the Element 3D obj exporter... and doh, yup I forgot... no coffee yet. :)

    Let me know how it works. Video? :)

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    I exported a horse/ walking animation out of iClone 7 into Blender then baked the animation. All is working as expected with the animation in Filmer. I  then exported the obj sequence. The obj sequence is 721 frames of the horse in a pose. 🙂 If i "render" a single frame anywhere along the timeline the animation changes as expected.

    Did I miss something? Check your email for file if you want have a look see at the workflow. 

  • Checking now, moved your e-mail from junk to safe senders list. Something goofed. :)

  • I see how you are. That's ok..Norton wouldn't let me download your malicious infected file called Filmer 👍

  • Hey, I see two keyframes but there is no animation. Double check your file?

  •  "I've been wanting to model some Trek stuff ever since Zach Allen made his Voyager homage video. That thing is so cool."

    Why thank you! Be sure to let me know if you decide to create a Voyager model, as I may just have to revive the project with a beautifully modeled and textured Voyager :)

  • Sorry for the typo, misspelled your name. @ZachAlan_Productions , will do on the Voyager stuff. :)



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Y'know an OBJ sequence exporter just opened up the potential user base for Ae/Element 3D users, besides Greg. Get on that marketing - chop chop! 

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    Agree with Mike 100%!

    I did a test on my silly horse example Frank. For a test I went to Blenders internal obj exporter function and check marked Animation under Includes. What you know...Native Blender can export obj sequences?? I have never seen this mentioned anywhere.?!?

    Excuse the tail:

    EDIT: Now.. Filmer 3D did a fantastic job of putting everything in the proper place (material groups, textures) to allow ease of import into Hitfilm direct. Tail looks much better too. OBJ model via Filmer and a Alembic file straight out of iClone 7. I take no credit for the sliding animation though. Could be much better. It didn't help that I moved the camera as well.

  • That is cool @GrayMotion , let's Skype. :)

    Yeah. Blender can export animated .obj sequences. let's Skype. :)

    You can probably even use the built in .obj to export 3D objects with a "single" material to Hitfilm. It gets glitchy when you have more than "one" material along with animation groups.  let's Skype. :)

    Alembic and FBX animations "should" probably work as well, again it gets glitchy with more than "one" material along with animation groups in Hitfilm. I think that is why most people never show their export settings and vaguely mention the export format... they could simply be guessing and getting lucky? I dunno...  let's Skype.

    I'm not sure how Element 3D handles all that along with materials and smoothing groups but I'd like to purchase it to even simply experiment. I'll wait for another paying gig till I commit to it but for now you're the only Hitfilmer I know that uses Element 3D. let's Skype. :)

    Oh yeah, we should Skype. :)

    I ask because the trick that I use to sync a scene in Filmer and Hitfilm can also be done in any other compositing software, like any of the popular 3D game engines, any industry standard 3D apps and things like Natron and Nuke. So exiting. :)

    Let me know when you can Skype. :)

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     Yep.  Skype. It appears I got time..I shut down operations for the week here. I don't want to be caught out of town and have the Governor of our great State close all the restaurants in the State. Oh yea...👏 not

  • Is that one of them sarcasms? :) :)

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    I just watched NeonVisuals " Alex Kurtzman Ruins Star Trek Voyager in 40 Seconds"
    The ending credit: Executive Dickhead - sometimes fits me to a tee more than not. It's good that you know my face and who I appear to be that way there is no confusion eh 👍

    btw- hold off on getting E3D for use in Hitfilm . It only works on the Mac currently. Sure hoping the fix is on a "priority list" to get it working on the PC side soon.

  • Yes! I'm learning how to people. :)

    Cool, I'll wait till the Devs get that fixed to buy E3D. :)

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