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  • @tddavis ,

    I hear ya. I feel like this is my first Old Man spill ya know? Falling down for absolutely no reason. I'm not in too much pain but how do you fall from just standing still? Weird and kinda funny. I'm walking around, leaning to the right like a dude in a V-8 commercial. :)

    Thanks @FlyingBanana78

    I'm okay, the leg is mostly numb so not too much pain except for the initial impact during my absolutely random gravity check. FYI... gravity still works. :) The only sorta scary part was that I couldn't feel my toes and most of my ankle. That was two weeks ago and things are just now starting to hurt, but it is only like lactic acid from an intensive work out so mostly just sore muscles and joints.  

    I can't do any drugs or pain killers because they tear up my stomache and cause more pain than my injury. I tripped on a mic cable once on stage, fell off the stage and dislocated my shoulder. That injury really hurt and took forever to heal, I would throw up any pain killers taken but not before they would do summersaults in my stomach. 

    I really like the tabs also and I'm glad that 97% of everything that I've coded is a single click solution. The only slider type functions that I've written are for the Industry Standard sampling pattern stuff and that new Denoise node, so everything is super easy to use. 

    Did you guys see the Hitfilm ui in the new Filmer splash screen above? :) 

  • @spydurhank ;  No, I had missed it.  Looks really handy for cross platform transfers though.

  • Hey guys, not sure at all as to who to tag on this so please ask around for me if you could?

    I need an Autodesk .ma camera file... not sure if that is what it is called?

    I've written a .ma exporter for Filmer that takes care of "Gimbal Lock". I've been testing it out since early this morning with exports to Hitfilm and VEGAS EFFECTS and it works every time. I used a camera animation that rotates at over 360 degrees and everything holds true. Oh and I even ran it through a real test to make sure render passes and the 3d scene sync up... Yup. In Filmer I rendered out a single beauty pass, exported the 3D to Hitfilm Pro. I dragged and dropped the camera, passes and 3D scene into a Comp and everything just synced. :)

    I could only find Maya 4.0 .ma files as reference to work with. The exporters work but I know didley about Maya or Autodesk so I just need to see how the file is written to make sure my work is correct. Just need to make sure. :)

    Please help and thanks. :)


  • I'll just sprinkle this here... :)

    Lots of cool stuff. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Youtube must be up to their old tricks again.  I got a weird error meesage saying my browser doesn't have something for HTML 5??  WTH!  I used to watch youtube vids here on the phone all the time...  They probably broke it again .  I'll try again when I get back to the desktop.

  • The tools are looking fantastic. All in one place..

    It appears the alignment (plane) with model import parameters as well as the Camera and animation data are working perfectly .

    Patiently  waiting for your next update...

    Interesting title of the export function 👍

    ps - sorry I can't help you out with Autodesk file.

  • No worries @tddavis , :)

    Thanks @GrayMotion , That title is for you dude. :) 

    It is really cool, there is no guessing by the user, you click a button and go. :)

  • A little late night Hitfilm session while chatting with folks online. Nothing fancy, just messing around to create a desktop background. :)

  •  This came out pretty nasty. :)

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    Wow! It just wasn't enough to get camera and empties into Hitfilm you had to go and bring particles into play as well. AWESOME! The RC is out for 2.8 so not much longer before the final and you won't have to worry about so many changes.

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    @spydurhank ; The last 2 images you posted have something wrong with the links: all I see is a grayed out minus sign?

    Edit:  And I think I saw the the first a few days so don't know what happened there.

  • Thanks @GlenMoore1 ,

    Hey @tddavis , They are from google photos, I'm using edge web browser and they show up for me. The images are links and should open a larger copy of the image in a new web browser tab. Not sure why they wouldn't show up? :(

  • @spydurhank @ tddavis I don;t see them either. I am on Chrome.

  • @spyduhank @GrayMotion and anyone else interested in camera tracking in either HitFilm, Blender, or Filmer:

    Have you seen this camera tracker for Blender called "April Tools?"

    I am wondering if it really works as well as this video indicates, and if so, can it be ported into Filmer? It is a Blender add-on.

  • Yeah, saw it a few days ago when looking for anything that can undistort camera footage comparable to other software like Blender and Mesh-lab. Mostly for drone footage. :)

    I haven't tried it yet but I do like it and also that the tracking part is automatic. It just needs more automation so the user doesn't have to use the command prompt, but yes if it is worth porting to Filmer, I will do it. :) It looks very, very useful for well thought out shots. I'll check it out in Filmer when there is enough time. 


  • Filmer 3D scene to Hitfilm with multi camera animation and 7 million + poly objects.  Nothing fancy yet just setting up the scene and plying around with custom Hitfilm Shaders for the car paint. :)

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    @spydurhank I also get the 'no entry' shown for your last 9 video links and the same if I click on the embedded link itself. I tried Chrome & Firefox. With Edge I get "This post contains broken images, they have been hidden for your comfort. "

    In the Chrome web console I found 9 error 403's: "Forbidden Error - happens when the web page (or other resource) that you're trying to open in your web browser is a resource that you're not allowed to access."

  • It sucks that you guys can't see my pics. They are pretty cool. I have no idea what is wrong. I can see my posted pics from my end.

    Does anyone know a better alternative to link photos to the forums? I'm using Google photos.

    Oh and thanks for letting me know that you guys are experiencing problems viewing my content. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Did you just start using Google Photos?  I was,seeing your posts ok and like I said, the one you posted on 9/30 was visible to me then when you posted the next I started seeing the gray forbidden.  Did you change something with your Google acct?

  • @spydurhank I can see pictures the you posted on September 22. The pictures you  posted after that (starting September 30) I can't see.

  • No @tddavis , I've not changed anything. I've experienced this same problem before when using other photo hosting sites but the images eventually show up correctly for other forum users to view.

  • Ok, just a thought as it's sure strange.

  • I tried to find something about the 403 & googlusercontent but there was nothing clear, and mostly about Google Drive - seems to be some sort of access rights or account issue.  I've  used Dropbox and share from there. OneDrive has the same functionality and someone posted a link to another free service recently -

    Not sure how you save stuff on googleusercontent but are you using the same location/folder as before? Your images from September are OK and also show googleusercontent links

    How do you embed videos, they are shown with an image that can be played from the forum post, which I thought wasn't supported?

  • @spydurhank I use myself. So far, it works fine, and since it's free, it's in my price range! :)

  • Hey thanks for the help guys, @pinthenet , @tddavis , @FilmSensei .

    I just woke up a little while ago and need more caffeine. I'll do a quick screencap showing you guys the process. Should be a video under a minute in length.

  • @spydurhank ; Another observation, sorry...  Just logged in at my daughter's on her laptop also on Chrome (like my phone and desktop) and I see three of the last ones but not all.  Go figure???  Something very weird indeed.

  • Multi camera animation test from the pics above. Nothing fancy, simply testing that the animation works. :)

  •  Nice!

  •  @spydurhank ; I love how the light/reflections travel(s) with the camera... It really sells that the object is real, in the real world.

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