Filmer 3D for Hitfilm : Design and VFX.



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    Oh my gosh @FilmSensei , that is a monster and thanks! :)

    Gonna spend a few with my family then come back and finish up for upload.



    Sorry ran out of time, gonna have to wait till tomorrow. 

  • Hey guys,

    I'm doing some quick bug fixing for the Hitfilm mesh Exporters which should be ready and uploaded in a few hours along with the new Filmer viewport samples and render samples hack that simply provides a massive render speed boost.  :)

  •  Awesome, actually working on a model now that I want to take into Hitfilm and then create a little advertisement type camera motion and cuts/fades with. If all goes well I will be posting it on my page and sharing it with the other social sites mentioning filmer being used. Once the model is 100% complete though as right now its about 80% but wanted to use filmer to bang out a quick test to see what I need to tweak for a final. One question though how would you get glass to render in Hitfilm? Something I've always had problems with.


    Would rendering the glass portions out as an animation then using it layered with the rest of the 3d model be the way to go or just set the opacity of the 3d glass object to 100% and raise the specular and reflectivity be the way to go?

  • Hey @FlyingBanana78

    I think both of the solutions which you came up with would work.

    I've only tried a few times to make a glass material in Hitfilm so don't know much about it... yet. :)

    The best I've gotten in Hitfilm is a Coca Cola Bottle type of glass Material for the Optimus Prime model in a few posts back. It was coming out okay-ish but it failed when I tried doing a glass object inside another glass object and a glass object with thickness.

    I'll revisit glass soon because I'm just about caught up with all this coding junk and can't wait to get back to creating stuff, but like I said, you've already come up with a few good solutions and because the 3D object is your own creation, you can use the materials to help you out by creating masks and other things with multiple instances of the 3D object. You've got total control. :)



  • Finally got most of everything done. :)

    I've got the start of a simple forum to make support faster and easier for you guys. All suggestions are welcome as it is a work in progress. :)

    Here is the video in case you don't need to head over to my site.

    And a link to the latest Filmer release. 

    And now for sleep. Any questions will be answered tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone.


  • New video. Export animated Blender camera and empties with Filmer. Really easy stuff as the exporter takes care of all the hard stuff.

    Post on my website.


  • Sorry about this long wall of text but I may not get to post later. Father-in-law is marrying his Lady today so will be celebrating that. :)

    And for the real post. :)

    Did it guys. :)

    Hacked all of the individual branched path tracing samples that I mentioned in my last video and they now render along with "Render and Viewport Samples" at final render if "Branched Path Tracing is enabled.  

    The ui was not changed to do this but what it does, is give an extra 7 levels of detail or noise patterns that can have 7 different noise seed values from 0 to 1024. It makes for cleaner images at lower sample values during final render.

    Sampling: I tested these settings on a 4k image. High value Sub samples are overkill but hey, it is a benchmark so I went for the max value of 1024. :)

    Render Samples: 8 These can be very low.

    Viewport Samples: 8 These can be very low.

    Branched path tracing enabled: Sub Samples: 

     Diffuse: 1024 diffuse samples is actually Render Samples.

    Glossy: 1024 Glossy samples is actually Render Samples.

    Transmission: 1024 Transmission samples is actually Render Samples.

    AO: 1024 AO samples is actually Render Samples.

    Mesh Light: 1024 Mesh Light samples is actually Render Samples.

    Subsurface: 1024 Subsurface samples is actually Render Samples.

    Volume: 1024 Volume samples is actually Render Samples.

    Each Sub Samples slot was replaced with "Render Samples" each sub sample has a different noise pattern which cleans up image faster. :)

    Total samples: 7,184. Render time: 00:24:37.

    24 seconds for that insane amount of samples on a 4K image, no denoising... this is nuts. :)

    You can lower Render Samples even lower when denoising. This used 2 Render Samples and 2 Viewport Samples + the 7,184 Sub Samples and denoising. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much detail you guys and took 12 seconds. :)

    It works really great and seems to kill any nasty fireflies.

    So now that this is working well and I've already done a few actual how to videos, we're gonna do one of my favorite things,.. a matchmove in Filmer and in Hitfilm, we'll comp a 3D object :doesn't matter what it is, you guys can help me choose: with live footage. :)

    You'll get to see how easy it is to export a camera with Filmer in a real use case. All scene scale and camera settings are converted to correct Hitfilm settings automatically. This keeps any manual calculations to a bare minimum so the vfx guy can just have fun and start compositing.  

    This Camera and scene scale helps me recreate the exact same 3D Filmer/Blender scene in Hitfilm Pro for some insane 3D material and compositing hacks that not even actual VFX professionals know are possible because these ideas and methods were born here on the Fxhome forums. Only you guys have had a small taste of this in some of my past time-lapse videos so be prepared to enter the madness of learning how to do something that no one else can do. 

    This stuff is so easy and will jump your 3D compositing game to such a level that I guarantee, people will gasp when you tell them that you got such good results with just a few mouse clicks. If you've already used the Filmer camera and empty exporter, your imagination should be able to reproduce what I'm saying. :)

    Same 3D scene in two different programs... Filmer + Hitfilm = compositing magic. Imagination required. :)

    You will have total freedom to continue compositing with your old true and tested techniques but also be able to enjoy the freedom and speed that my tools and Compositing methods add to the table.

    Yup, this stuff is gonna be awesome. I'll show you the new render samples in a day or so because you guys will get this in the next update but a quick video needs to come out first.

    That is it for now, gotta run.



  • @Spydurhank Enjoy the wedding! I am looking forward to the "Match Move" demo!

  • I used  3dmax and other 3d  programes often  . Outside of a ongoing blender discussion between a couple of people I stuggle to find any  hitfilm content in this 46 page  thread ? Am i missing some thing ? are you working on some kind of plugin ?. Thanks 


  • Hey @Rogyrue ,

    Sorry that this thread is confusing. I hear the same of my videos. Learning from everyone on this Forum at the moment by watching their videos to make everything simply understood. 

    Everything in this thread is all about, and was composited in Hitfilm Pro. :)

    I code/write my own version of Blender 2.80. It is named Filmer, with a Custom version of Cycles Path tracing engine that renders incredibly fast. It is 2 times faster out of the box than the official Blender 2.80 Cycles and is getting closer to being up to 10 times faster with my latest not yet released additions.

    I've bundled a bunch of addons that together, help to easily export an entire 3D blender Scene into Hitfilm Pro.

    Exports include 3D objects in obj and fbx format. Cameras, camera markers, empty objects, animated 3D mesh objects, simulations, 3D text. Things of that nature. Pretty much, anything 3D that you can create and animate in Blender can be exported over to Hitfilm Pro from Filmer.

    Filmer + Hitfilm Pro + Same 3D scene {scene & camera to scale} = Insane compositing techniques and possibilities. Render passes from either software match up pixel perfect.

    I've been looking for combinations of other software that can Export 3D content to Hitfilm Pro in attempt to learn more but the technique doesn't exist outside of my thread on this Forum so I understand why it is a difficult concept.

    But really, with enough knowledge you can do this in any software. You just need to know the entire 3D pipeline and capabilities of your 3D app... knowing how to code for your 3D app helps a million times. 



  • Fast preview of hacked branched path tracing in Filmer. :)

  • Oh for Pete's dragon's sake, it is hurricane season in Florida, yay... frequent power outages, yay! 

    This weather can't make up its mind. Sunny and bright one second, the next it sounds like there is a freight train outside. Now to catch up from the last three or four days. It is sunny without any clouds outside right now, lets see how long it stays that way. Sooo glad there is power today. :) :) :)

    Anyway, woke up to a ton of bug fixes in todays Blender 2.80 beta release so a bunch of stuff was fixed in the past three days which is pretty cool. I'll add my code if the weather holds. Heh, just realized that it is June. :)

    Getting close guys. :) Only had about 15 minutes yesterday to test and bench the latest "render sample" hacks but it was looking pretty stable till the power went out. :(

    I think I'm still gonna wait till 2.80 is out of beta till I write all of the addons directly into the Filmer ui so that you guys won't have to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling them as that is the only thing that is inconvenient and cumbersome to have to do for every release. I'll be online answering any questions and stuff but if I stop responding... don't freak out, the power just went out again.

    Oh snap... I was pacing back and forth yesterday because I couldn't vfx and cgi when the power went out... just like a crack head. Uh oh, I may be a vfx junky. Here are the Blender dev meeting notes.

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    I'm in a super good mood. Got the Blender Cycles speed up and current Hitfilm Tools coding down to right about 15 minutes which is a massive time savor for me. It takes another 30 minutes for the actual Filmer build process but after that, it is all creating art and or more tools to further speed up creation times. :)

    I love having time to simply model, texture and not have to worry about anything technical. :) Not sure what iteration this is but I built this Destroyer in just under two hours after first running around this morning making sure that nothing blows away during Hurricane season.

    I'll have to do a real user case example at some point but two of the buttons in the Filmer Hitfilm Tools panel turned hours into minutes. The tools make the creation proccess so fast that it is like doing several iterations of very detailed sketches in no time flat. :)

    EDIT: Can't take all of the credit... mirror modifier.

  • @spyudrhank Wow! Very nice.

    I have my new computer now and I am bringing up to speed. I am looking forward to running the speed tests for Filmer...

    Specs: 16gig ram, DDR4 3200, AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz (4.3 GHz Max Boost), MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card

    I will probably upgrade to 32 GB ram, but I have to say, I never thought I would hear the term "8 Core, 16 threads!" :)

  •  @spydurhank That texturing is super cool!

  • @FilmSensei ,

    Oh my gosh, you sir are gonna fly with that BEAST. Awe man, 8 cores 16 threads? That cpu alone is  just Wow!! This is cool because I'm looking at optimizing ram usage in Filmer and I'm stuck using ddr3 with my mobo. Exited for you. :)

    Thanks @tddavis ,

    This is very lazy texturing on my part but the final textures will be better detailed. :)


    Did anyone get the latest windows update? My machine is noticeably faster after updating just now although I did have to reinstall Hitfilm Pro and Imerge because I clicked the wrong button. Doh.  

  • So today I built an experimental Filmer branch with a bunch of 3rd party libraries. Scrambling Distance, Dithered Sobol, Adaptive Sampling from Pixar, Intel Artificial Intelligence Denoiser with Compositing Nodes. Yup, finally got some of the tough stuff complete. This took too many hours to mention but it is all supposed to make for faster render times. I'll post some benchmarks later today after some sleep. 

    I already ran a whole bunch of benchmarks with "R-F=regular Filmer" vs "E-F=experimental Filmer" but more of that later. I'm happy with the winner because no matter how you look at it, the entire experience left me with a sure fire timesaver. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Looking forward to it, and haven't had the chance to say so, but I totally agree with your recent post where you said you were going to wait until Blender 2.8 was out of beta to tackle some of the hard stuff.  Those daily update got too tedious for me to even download them consistently, let alone write code over and over!  The date is approaching though...

  • @tddavis ,

    We've got about three weeks till everything should be pretty solid. :)

    I'm exited to start the video so you guys can check out the results of the benchmarks. Pretty cool stuff. :)

  • Awesome stuff! Looking forward to seeing it. Yeah the daily builds got quite a bit crazy, but then when there is such drastic changes to the software compared to its previous version it is almost to be expected. I salute you for all your dedication and hard work and lack of sleep doing all this. Wish I was able to get the word out more about it especially since everyone is eevee crazy thinking it is a cure all for render times when it is not once you add in all the additional settings you have to enable and tweak to get something somewhat resembling a cycles output. And with the render times Filmer is putting up I am sure everyone would be tickled pink to know how quickly they could render out a scene/animation with Filmer vs Blender.

  • Thanks @FlyingBanana78 , I appreciate everything you do. :)

    I've got the idea for a script that will import a Hitfilm Camera and 3D points over to Blender/Filmer but I'm waiting till Blender 2.8 is out of Beta to start working on it.

    I'm most exited about my current 3D Blender/Filmer + Hitfilm compositing hacks by linking the same 3D scene in both programs but still, it'd be nice if we could import and export back and forth between both programs because a very fast true Path Tracing Engine via Cycles in Filmer + Hitfilms Render Engine is pure magic. I really need to do a short and easy to understand video on this compositing technique and I've got the start of an idea for that but anyone's ideas are welcome. More on that later and now for some benchmarks.

  • Quick benchmark... Filmer vs Filmer. 

    Spoiler: Our regular Filmer beats the experimental Filmer branch with all of the 3rd party library goodies.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    So what does that mean for your experimental build? More tweaking or just going to wait till final 2.8RC is out, and then tweak it as an update to Filmer? Still though either way both render times blow Blender out of the water but I do see that 11 seconds to 30+ for a similar quality render could get costly especially with an animation. 

    Just tested it with a weekend challenge entry I did. Then tested it out in regular Blender 2.8 and OMG it was nuts. Took close to an hour for Blender to get samples high enough to equal the quality of Filmer and here you can see the result in Filmer.

    Oh yea, and this was on my laptop with only 4 threads and a 2 gig nvidia gpu (So couldn't use the dNoise from Remington) That is just the blender denoise used.

  • I still have an older version of Filmer from March (filmer-03-11-2019-b), but here are some preliminary test results...

    Specs: 16gig ram, DDR4 3200, AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz (4.3 GHz Max Boost), MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card

    • BMW-CPU: Blender=3:41:13 vs Filmer=3:29:23 (6% improvement)
    • BMW-GPU: Blender=6:34:78 vs Filmer=3:29:50 (47% improvement)

    That was just a basic load and render. Just for kicks, I rendered the Classroom Scene in Filmer: 10:15:63.

    Again, just load and F12. Not too shabby!

  • Hey @Flying Banana78 , concerning Filmer vs e-Filmer,

    E-Filmer: Third party libraries have too many cons and require more samples. Handles glass shaders and fireflies poorly, not enough detail is generated at lower samples, too many settings need tweaking per scene and the largest con for me is that it takes about 12 hours to code and 40-ish minutes to build.

    Filmer: Out of the box, my much simpler hacks are noticeably faster and more detail is generated at lower samples. Handles glass very well including caustics, reflections, refractions, and volumetrics. Takes less than 15 minutes to code and 23-ish minutes to build. 

    I guess I just needed to know for myself if all the hype in the Blender community about these 3rd party libraries was true. This stuff is all the rage and many Blender users want it implemented in Blender 2.8 by default.

    For sure, I'm gonna run a few more tests to make sure but it seems that my much simpler code is beating the pants out of the bloated 3rd party libraries.

    Plus I'm excitedly inclined to stick with and improve the code that takes maybe 15 minutes rather than 12 or so hours. Like I said... I just needed to know for sure plus it saves so much time in the long run because I won't have to do any unneeded coding. 

    Oh and yesterday the Blender Devs gave Blender 2.8 a reported 23-ish% increase in render speed. I'm running a test build now to see if my code improves on that increase. Got about 15 minutes left for it to complete building so I'm pretty exited.

    Any amount of time that I can save makes me super happy. :)

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    @FilmSensei ,

    Wow, that is cool. you'll like the speed of Filmer once I upload the latest tweaks. 



    @FlyingBanana78 ,

    sorry I'm juggling a few things right now so I'm scatter brained and forgot some comments...

    Dude, that water... oh my gosh... making me thirsty... need a drink. No for real, it looks awesome. 

    We should exchange ideas on your water shader because I'm looking at improving rendering speed when it comes to glass type materials/shaders because no matter how fast I make Cycles, Glass just always needs more samples especially with reflections, refractions, caustics. I've worked on a few ever since you mentioned glass in a previous post.

  • So I wrote/coded my own Cycles render samples last night to try lowering render times for Glass shaders/materials because it takes more than just brute force to render good looking, noiseless and firefly free glass. The new samples work very well to lower render times but unfortunately, glass with roughness still needs more samples. 

    The rest of the scene requires less samples as it is only glass that slows things down. Here are the start of some faster rendering glass shaders. First attempt and needs more study but it is a good start. I wouldn't mind collaborating with shaders/materials in general to get the fastest results. Collaboration helps speed things up and I always give credit to whomever helps or teaches me something new. 

    Besides my go to workaround for everything is my Blender to Hitfilm compositing hacks. My hacks make it so I can combine realistic Blender shaders including Glass, with the Hitfilm physically based render engine for some crazy material mixing only seen in my demo and time-lapse videos from the past few years. More info on this soon but it is something that I would really love to collaborate with several people. 

    Important note and my opinion on material roughness and reflections with my compositing hacks:

    3D mesh self reflections are better handled in Blender/Filmer.

    Roughness and environment reflections are better handled in Hitfilm Pro... much, much faster ala my compositing hacks with Blender and Hitfilm pro. Too much to explain but I've got Hitfilm doing things with roughness that you can normally only do with shader nodes in a dedicated 3D app. It is super easy and simple to do in Hitfilm. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Loving the refractions in that last shot! And that is quite a node tree you got going there!!  I recently used Filmer to export a little DNA model I followed a tutorial on and was getting 3 sec PNG frames, but this deck I'm building for a daughter the past month and now the tree through the roof of the place I rent have me tied up so I haven't had much computer time :(

  • Thanks @tddavis , I've had repair work around the house too so I feel you. Cool render times at three seconds. 

    Quick demo of new sub noise level samples. Pretty cool stuff. :)

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