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  • Here's the new video and Filmer is updated on my website. You guys know how to get it. Remember to use your personal codes if you've already purchased to get the free update.

    Even faster rendering than before plus some new cool features inspired by a recent tut from @GrayMotion ;

    It runs a tad long but lots of need to know info concerning normal shading in Blender and getting the same shading over in Hitfilm Pro.

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    The curves to quads is awesomesauce! Will make quick vehicle modeling quite easy, this is just 5 curves. Just takes a slight bit of thinking on how to subdivide segments equally to ensure quad topology. Excellent job Frank!

    Just a 5 minute play around when the idea of using the curves to model a vehicle, only modeled half the front and mirror modifier to the rescue. I really really am loving Filmer. Thanks again for allowing us beta testers to test drive it.

  • Oh @FlyingBanana78

    Pardon my tones but hell yeah dude. That looks super awesome and you're very, very welcome. :)

    Could you take a screen grab of the curves in edit mode? If you already converted it to a mesh, could you instead tick the wireframe toggle and screen grab that. I'd be interested to see the topology on your mesh. The angles and smooth curves are absolutely beautiful. I'm not terribly versed in vehicles except on how not to crash them but your mesh reminds me of an ole timey corvette or something. I love it. :)

  • @spydurhank Thank you. Yeah I just started making it without any references so not exact but gets the point across that this curve mod is awesome. Sorry had to get some coffee in me and then sat back down and started tinkering some more with it. I had already gone on to converting to mesh and shrinkwrapping it sorry about that but the first image is the topology of the mesh after I got rid of some of the extra edges just to make it lighter poly. The second image is the curve setup that I used to start the mesh and the last image is the tinkering portion. 

    This is where it went to.


    The basic curve setup to get the results.


    And I think I am done tinkering



  • @FlyingBanana ,

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! :)

  • @spydurhank ; I was installing some add-ons I saw a video about into 2.8 Master build and decided to go ahead and enable them in Filmer (I have each in its own separate folder on the desktop not installed to C: or anything) and they were already there in Filmer.  So I thought, "hmm what about the ones Frank just included with Filmer, so I went back to the regular 2.8 and sure enough they were there and enabled there.  I brought up the Edit window and Check the "N" tab and HitfilmTools was there too??  I thought it might be an unintended effect that you might want to know about.

    BTW, Frank, for giggles I calculated my weight in gold and rounded off I am the 6 Million Man even got the metal hip and knee :)

    @FlyingBanana78 ; That is very sweet looking.  It will sure make organic-looking spaceships i.e. the Orville, the Vorlon ships from B5, etc a world easier.



  • "You've got it. Give me your ideas and I'll make it happen."

    Moving this discussion to this/your thread.

    You have quite a few Star Wars universe models. I suggest you add at least a couple of more items. So an OwMyGgi user can do more complete scenes with your models. With that I suggest you have a Imperial Star Destroyer model. Something with X-Wings and/or Tie fighters is likely to want a Star Destroyer around as well.

    The Star Destroyer should look good with the camera up close. This is a given with OwMyCgi models. To be complete I mention it anyway. The reason being so that someone can want to fly close by the model (BigA ship). Literally or just the camera.

    I would also suggest you have a Death Star. This only need look okay at a distance. A model of such a thing is nice since you can rotate it to get the weapon dish in the location you want and also light it how you want it lighted. Can't do that with a PNG. It is really just a sphere, with a repetitive pattern texture. The equatorial trench and the weapon dimple. It should be pretty quick and easy to do.

    I have a functional 3D model death star. I tried one of the Sci3D ones and it had usual. NXVisualStudio fixed it  for me (normals I think) and sent back a Hitfilm composite shot.

    As I said, that these are something I would buy.


    Spitballing additional ideas.

    I have your current Star Wars models, and as stated, they look great up close and personal. There is no  X-wing version with landing gear. If someone wanted an X-wing on the ground next to some actor(s) they cannot do it. A beautiful model and no way to sit it on the ground. This is not something I would personally do. Just spitballing.


  • Thanks @NormanPCN

    I appreciate everything you mentioned and I'm definitely all over that. Thank you sir. :)

  • Hey guys, be careful if you download Todays official Blender 2.80.0 Beta. I updated Filmer with todays Master and some things were changed to Blender's API so my addons won't work. I had to re-write them today and finished about an hour ago but won't upload the fixes till tomorrow morning in the a.m. along with todays updated Filmer. So no new features or anything fancy like that, just updated everything with the master branch code so that everything works now. Todays official update broke a whole mess of 3rd party addons so I'm sure Blender addon developers are going nuts trying to fix their code right about now. 

    I'll catch you guys later and will notify you here tomorrow morning when the download is ready.

  • @tddavis

    Missed your post, sorry about that. 

    The source code for Blender master branch includes a bunch of built in and community addons so that Filmer will work exactly like the official Blender 2.80.0. Everything is identical except for my faster Cycles rendering tweaks, auto tiles, auto scrambling distance, dithered sobol. and all the other cool stuff that I've built so far. :)

    So if you have Blender 2.8.0 installed as well as Filmer... because all addons end up in C:>users>frank>AppData>Roaming>Blender Foundation>Blender>2.80>scripts>addons.

    Any version of Blender 2.80.0 or a 3rd party fork/branch of Blender 2.8.0 on my machine will see any addon in that location. Is this what you meant?


  • Filmer is updated with bug fixes and my Hitfilm code/snippets are working with the latest Blender 2.8.0 api changes from 03-25-2019. Third party/Community addons are probably being worked on by their respective developers but it could be some time so don't expect every single one of your installed addons to work with this build. All of my stuff works though as I was lucky and caught the api change right away early yesterday morning and because I kept my code simple, it was easy peasy to re-write the new changes.

    You guys know what to do. :)




  •  @spydurhank ; Yes, that's what I was talking about.  It shocked me that the Film Hitfilm tab was available in regular 2.8 but then I didn't realize how the folders were created.  I thought since neither was "officially" Windows installed they had no folders in common.  Thanks for the details.


  • @tddavis ;

    Oscar Goldman says you borrowed his collectible Steve Austin hedge trimmer last week and you still owe him 35¢ for that cup of coffee when you stopped at that greasy diner back in 1972. He says he'll let the 35¢ go if you come over and help him move his couch but he needs his hedge trimmer for the 3rd annual hedge trimming and chicken pot pie eating contest and he refuses to be the "Fall Guy" if his team loses. He say that you'd know what all that means and to come in for a tune up on that hip. He says hurry or you'll miss the Bionic Woman marathon. Oh and he also says Gill Gerard and Erin Grey say "What up Playuh?" :) 

  • @spydurhank ; :) Sadly I caught every reference.  I am ooldd...

  • @tddavis Dude that is the cool part. :)

  • -- This is rough. --

    Lazy textures to test seams and avoid texture repetition, still need to build some greebles and such. Hull plates and panels started as curves which I converted to geometry in Filmer.

  • Look at that. Wow! I wondered what you'd been up to.

  • @spydurhank ; Sweeeet!  Even (as you say) rough it's still far, far more detailed than the other two free models out there!  That texturing in the 'paint' is fantastic.  I would have no clue how to begin such a project...

  •  @spydurhank ; Oh, good lord!  That is awesome!

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     OK, so I have Filmer installed, but I don't see the tools panel anywhere. I added a Config folder to the 2.80 directory to see if it was my preference settings, but that doesn't look to be it. Is there a Filmer quick start guide? I frankly find the videos hard to follow, and I don't know where to start. 


    OK, I got it sorted, this video helped. I don't know why exactly, but your videos make me want to vomit. No joke. Something about them just makes me feel ill.

  • Hey @Braj ,

    Nothing to install. You need to activate the addons from user preferences.

    The addons are in your downloaded Filmer zip. After unzipping, located in ::

    Filmer-03-25-2019-2>2.80>scripts>addons_contrib>Hitfilm-Snippets. There are three folders.

    01. 3D view: Four .py files. Select and install each individually.

    02. import-export: Two zip files. Install each from zip file, no need to unzip.

    03. uv-image-editor: One .py file. Select and install. 


    I know to make a proper tut so I'll work on that asap. Let me know if you need more help.


  • Thanks :) text always is more clear than trying to find any info in a video. 


  • @spydurhank I went to my recent install of Filmer (the 25th build) to help braj out in case you were occupied and found that that my tools tab had vanished in Filmer 3_25 but were still showing up in the recent 4_3 Blender build?  Do I need to reinstall them in the latest download of Filmer?

  • @tddavis

    Yeah, sorry. You need to de-activate and remove the older addons and then add and activate the addons in the latest build as they are bug fixes to Blender api changes.

    Latest build is filmer-03-25-2019-a. There is a video above with all of the update info. 

  • @spydurhank ; Thanks, Frank.  Will do.

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    Well, was not feeling well the past two weeks so only did a few simple things including building several Destroyer concepts in the last few days, three I think and the pics to the fourth iteration/concept are below. I turned this into a learning exercise for myself to be able to get as much detail and non-repetition in the textures as possible so you can move a 3D camera as close as you like.

    This fourth concept is just the base mesh with no detail panels yet but the simple greeble set fits in with the Destroyer's UV set so everything is gonna be contained in one 8K super detailed texture map set, when I actually move on to the texturing part of this project.

    Here is the single UV set. I got a super tight pack with this 3D mesh. Only a handful of objects in the Destroyer base mesh are mirrored to avoid as much repetition as possible and save all that texture space to get the best UV Texel Density.  


    Wireframe. Added enough geometry to the Destroyer base mesh to add panels and windows. 

    With Lazy Textures.

    It is not modular but I can use all of the individual pieces of this simple greeble set to make more complex looking greebles to place all over the Destroyer. I know it is probably weird but doing it this way saves a ton of texture space.  

    Weird technique but the level of detail that you can get with texture painting outweighs the three day experimentation/learning curve that it took to be able to do this. 

    Lazy Textures at a distance.

    Lazy Textures up close... super close. :)

    EDIT :

    I am using some creative freedom so this mesh is not proper Star Wars cannon and did/have not added any of the large sphere type greebles located on the upper bridge and the underbelly... just me but those large spheres and towers with spheres always looked really cheesy, I can still add them though before I get too far in the building process as I think they won't take up too much texture space. Also, I was watching the Last Jedi when I was modelling this thing and I accidently added the super large cannons from that massive Destroyer that was blown up at the beginning of the movie. Silly subconscious making me add things without being aware of it. :)

    But really I can make any change/addition that I want or is asked for because I first built myself a base mesh that is already to get started with UVs and applied shading and hard/sharp edges. A base mesh is always the easiest to build and re-use.   

  • Awesome man! I am sure the final iteration will be ILM approved and they will be contacting you shortly for work. ;) Are you using a greeble addon? I seen this one that is currently being updated for 2.8 as well. 

  • @FlyingBanana78 Thanks yes, saw it, bought it and a few others and found some free ones as well to study. These addons are not very UV friendly at all, making it a nightmare to UV unwrap but they are great to learn from. Plus I'm also looking at particle based solutions, all this stuff should make things faster. :) 

    I actually just now ran into another problem that can be solved with a little scripting which I'm doing right now. I need to move the origin point of all the greebles to the lowest Z axis of the greebles bounding box so I can just easily snap each greeble to any surface and it will face in the correct direction. Doing it individually is tedious because I need to go into edit mode for each greeble and make manual selections, so we need to automate it like we did for the Hitfilm Bounding Box operation in the Filmer Tools panel.

    This is really cool, anytime that something complex comes up which takes a long time to do manually, we can easily throw a script together to automate whatever it is that we want to do. :)

  • Got it after a long break. 

    For now I select a single object and click the new operator button in the Animation Panel labeled                                   HF -Y origin point and repeat for the other objects. In Hitfilm terms it moves the objects origin to it's lowest most bounding box median point in -Y axis. Now I can snap the greeble to any surface. All without having to tab into edit mode. :)

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