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  • @GrayMotion No question you could do that! I just created that project really quickly after watching your tutorial.

    @Spydurhank Here is a twist on these ideas you are cranking out... Partial Reflections (only in the black tiles).

  • Man!  I really have to play catch up to you guys.  You all are cranking out some incredibly awesome stuff.

  • Hey guys, I'm doing one final Filmer build after some code tweaking this morning as the latest update broke the viewport performance boost that I had for my 32gig amd pro duo, everything else still renders faster on my amd video card, than in Blender 2.80.0 beta although it is only 10% to 20% faster in tested scenes so far.

    The Nvidia enhancements are still working as expected, super fast compared to Blender 2.80.0 beta. The first group of addons that will be bundled with Filmer are working solid and I also completed the cam/empty, .obj, and .fbx exporters yesterday so you guys will get all that stuff together so you can start exporting and experimenting right away. It should be up sometime today but I'll let you know here and I'll also send you an email. I should have enough time for a video as well. :)   

    @GrayMotion ; "As for your cool ass logo.....dude...teach me!!"                                                                                                             What are you talking about? I learned it from watching you. :)

    You actually gave me a couple of ideas with your svg tutorials but it will need to be coded as an addon or I should be able to tweak one or more of the existing modifiers to do what I'm thinking, which is to re-mesh the Text into quades instead of triangles the way Blender does it when you convert text or curves into a mesh. Only because quades are easier/way simpler to work with when adding seams, bevels and smoothing groups. It will work with custom logos/svg too. Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated. :)   

  • @Spydurhank Re-meshing the Tri's into Quad's would be AWESOME!

  • @FilmSensei ,

    Yeah dude, quads offer better selection control/speed with edge loops when you need to do some tweaking or extra stuff to your logo or text. Especially with bevels and panels. :)   

  • @Spydurhank Plus they look much better in HitFilm!

  • Hi guys, sorry for the day late update. I'm uploading the first video now and sending out e-mails to those that are in the Filmer Beta program as well as those that purchased Filmer. You'll all get a personal code that you'll need to enter at checkout every time there is an update for the next 12 months.

    Everything is working nice but I would wait till the videos are complete so you get a nice understanding of how everything works.

    So just give me a few minutes to send out all the e-mails. :) 

  • Thanks, Frank.  Just downloaded and unzipped it.  Can't wait to try out the changes, but definitely have to watch the videos first. :)

  • Update:

    E-mails are sent and here is the first video. In the next part we'll start exporting. :)

  • Thank you, got the link. Downloaded and going to play with the new toys later tonight when the house calms down. 

  •  I never got a link for the latest, is it going out to non-beta customers yet?

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    @Braj Can you send me an e-mail at

    EDIT: This is for customers too.

  • Exporting a Blender 2.80.0 animated camera and empties to Hitfilm Pro v12 with a few mouse clicks of the bundled Hitfilm Pro export tools only in Filmer. In the next video I'll show you the fbx and obj exporters.


  • Thank you again Frank on all the awesome work and dedication to making life so much easier.

    Just a quick somethin somethin using the new Filmer Build. Worked like a charm! The Plane is an .OBJ and as you can tell the location of the empties worked like a charm as well that the text was attached to.

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Thank you very much, that is awesome. :)

  • Hey guys,

    So I found a bug with the obj exporter, early this morning while recording the export tutorial but it is now fixed and uploaded. Only one file was changed in the obj zip file. All you need to do is un-install the previous Hitfilm Pro obj exporter and install the new Hitfilm Pro obj exporter zip file. The new download is labeled Filmer-03-11-2019-b.

    No changes were made to Filmer so sorry that you need to re-download the entire thing just for one file. :(

    Tutorial will be up after a while as it is now breakfast time, yay. :)


  • No worries, Got it downloaded and tinkering away with it. :)

  • New video, export an fbx and an obj into Hitfilm Pro v12 like a boss with a few mouse clicks in Filmer. 

    I use the Cycles render engine in Filmer during export and everything works like a breeze. The obj works flawlessly right out of the box but the fbx still needs work to get smoothing groups and a specular map to export properly. I add some tips to help export all textures and materials without a hassle. Let me know what you guys think. :)

  • I watched the whole video this morning. You say that it's not pretty yet, but it look awfully darn pretty to me! I love the reflections. I look forward to the next video.

  • Oh my gosh @CourtneyP and I just started watching Star Trek Discovery... oh my gosh. Love it. :)

    Thanks @FilmSensei aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand look out, the next Filmer update will have a nice little speed boost with render times. Also working on the re-meshing stuff to help with 3D text in Blender, early experiments are looking okay. :)

  • Hey, Frank, playing around tonight with this dragon model I bought and discovered that the Filmer 3/11/2019 I downloaded last is missing the import io for FBX and OBJ.  I copied the ones from the latest build of 2.8 I got around the same time and it works now but thought you might want to look at it.  I know they are making it tough to keep track with the daily updates and all.

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    I'll check that out. The changes they make are killer. :)



    @tddavis Wow I think my brain is either French Fried or I'm too distracted by Star Trek Discovery.

    The Hitfilm obj and fbx exporters are meant to replace the built in Blender io obj and io fbx in Filmer. You can import and export the same way with my tweaked exporter re-writes as you can with the Blender io exporters.

    I can re-add the Blender io obj and fbx exporters if you really, really, for real, must absolutely really have them. I keep finding myself having to re-write everything that causes a glitch when exporting to Hitfilm because providing a product that I know for a fact is glitchy and buggy does not feel right to me.

    I used the same process when writing the past and as of today, Cycles render engine speedups. Some code I re-wrote, some code I simply tweaked and some code I actually deleted from the Blender source code to get my speedups. I handle the exporters the same way. I get rid of the junk that I know through many years of using Blender and Hitfilm, does not work. This is why Filmer is missing the Blender io obj and fbx exporters. Again, I can re-include them but they are super buggy. 

  • A couple of things that you guys will get in the next update. These new additions will be modifiers. :)

    01. An up to 40% increase in render speed tp Filmer Cycles depending on your gear. Not a modifier.

    02. So I've figured out a way to add my simple Blender text type and custom svg logo re-meshing code into a modifier and it is pretty lite which should only take a few hours. I could maybe finish this one today. :)

    03. Decided to code a Bevel after Boolean modifier as well while I'm at it. Shouldn't take too long with this, maybe a day or two.

    04. And something quick so you can check for and remove double faces/vertices as a modifier on imported 3D objects while in object mode so that you don't need to tab into edit mode.

    05. The last mod will include OpenVDB re-mesh code which is a tad more advanced for me so it could take as long as three weeks or more to learn how to do this part. From what I've read it is pretty fast so I really want to include this. :)

    So, I'm already using the extra 40% speedup in Filmer Cycles as of yesterday, it is pretty complete so I should be able to get the first three modifiers that I mentioned above complete sometime this week or less. My question to you guys...

    Would you like me to complete the first three modifiers so you guys can get your hands on it and start re-meshing Blender 3D text and you own custom svg logos in the next update or do you want me to also complete the OpenVDB remesh modifier which honestly could take about a month as it is not super high on my priority list but really do wish to include it in Filmer.

    Let me know what you guys think but I personally vote for the first three modifiers because honestly... the OpenVDB remesh code stuff looks a little intimidating to my newbie eyes.




  • @spydurhank ; Well, you know me.  I'll go go for the 3 now and a player to be finished later :)  Also, while you are kicking around text conversion code I am having a time seeing a certain font in ANY Blender (Aquawax) with my system but FilmSensei can use it.  Can you try it and see if your Filmer sees it?   I threw it up on my Dropbox to make it easy so you could maybe take a look.

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    @tddavis Yeah no problem. Checking it out now. :)


    It is working in my latest Filmer build. 

    In Filmer, I loaded the font from the object data tab in the properties window. There is a panel called Font where you can load any font you like.

  • Just finished coding and testing a new modifier for Filmer. It auto creates quads, bridging multiple curve objects. Super useful for turning a series of curves into a clean quad based mesh such as 3D text in Filmer and imported logos in SVG format. Also useful for other modelling ideas like hard surface, terrain and organic modeling. Check out this first test, there are some things to watch out for that are shown in the short time-lapse video, no audio.      


  • I think the first three mods would be the way to go. They would be the easiest to make any changes to if the 2.8 updates get changed that would affect the mods and need changing as well. Rather than put all the time into a very lengthy code and find out the following week something changed in 2.8 that would require an overhaul to make the mod work again. Awesome job with the text. It has always been a pet peeve of mine that blender never would convert a text to quads and required a ton of cleanup if unless you were just using it as a 2d text and no texture/mapping done. 

  • Thanks @FlyingBanana78 You're literally reading my mind. I feel the exact same way. :)

    I'm so stoked that we can finally do something about it. I had totally forgotton the reason I rarely ever use 3D text in Blender until @GrayMotion did his SVG to Hitfilm tutorial. Which is all of those damned triangles and as @FlyingBanana78 has said before, quads make it easier to select entire edge loops at one time rather than one at a time like you normally would have to do with triangles which in turn makes it easier to seams and hard edges/smoothing groups.  

    3D text and custom 3D Logos which are originally quad based in Hitfilm just sounds freaking awesome. :)

  • @spydurhank ; 30 secs in and I am astounded by how insanely handy that mod is!  Good job!

  • Thanks @tddavis ,

    Today I coded a bit more some stuff that will help speed things up a bit more when we are working with custom svg logos and 3D text in Filmer. I may hold of on the Bevel Boolean mod stuff for a few more days so I can get the new curves tools and up to an extra 40% faster Cycles render speed up then previous Filmer builds to you guys.

    I'll do a quick video tomorrow before uploading so you guys can get your hands on the new features. :)  

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