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  • Hey guys.
    In the next couple of days, two weeks at the most, I'm getting my own website. It's mainly going to be geared for everyone on the HitFilm site and indie filmmakers. There'll be free video tutorials, tips and advice for HitFilm, Blender and Gimp. I will also be selling original stock footage and textures created with Gimp and Blender at a fairly low price.
    The tut's will be super fun and simple to understand, there'll be no long winded, boring or hard to comprehend explanations that no one can understand. I hired a female with an excellent vocabulary and pleasing voice to do the voice overs for the tutorials so filming should be entertaining.
    The tuts will cover anything and everything concerning work flows in visual effects. So if you guys want to see a particular tut, let me know because we'll either be filming a full episode or a trailer in the coming days.
    Thanks in advance guys. :D
  • I would love to see how you did your first video with the the dragon walking. If you could explain how to light your 3d object and make it walk on the actual ground of the video. Also the animating part wouldn't hurt. :)
    Thanks a lot. I'll definitely check out your site!
  • Thanks, Vic. I'm pretty sure that I still have the Blender project file for that clip somewhere, if not... it should be pretty easy to duplicate, from what I remember, it wasn't to difficult. I remember that I used the Voodoo camera tracker for that clip and it took about an hour to matchmove. It Should be a lot faster and easier to do the whole thing in Blender now that it has it's own matchmoving UI. I'll probably need to shoot some new footage but it shouldn't take long. :D
  • Looking forward to seeing your tutorials Spydur!
    Did you model the dragon yourself? I would also like to see a tutorial on your first dragon video and the dissolving man one as well!
  • Oh hey I'm just wondering. Technically speaking is there anything that Blender doesn't have that other 3d programs do? Such as Maya or Cinema 4D.
    I want to learn just one program for now and I'm wondering which one to do. I'm more comfortable with Blender but not sure if it can do everything.
  • Thanks Pekoe. Na, I didn't model the dragon. This guy that I've been doing effects for emailed it to me so he owns the license, all I had to do was download a free version of DAZ Studio to be able to export it into Blender. I did however re-textured the model because the original textures were really bad. It imports really weird into Blender though, the textures come out wrong and there is always something wrong with the animation that I have to end up re-animating it by hand. What I ended up doing in Blender was, giving the bones an I.K. constraint to make it easier to animate. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it though. It was a real pain.
    Vik, I've never used anything other than Blender so I'm not really sure. The good thing is... it's always being improved upon and there are a bunch of guys out there that are writing and coding new interesting and awesome addons. The only thing that I've ever heard anyone speak ill of was the Blender internal render engine. But know we've got Cycles and it's also improving every day.
    On a good note, my site is up although it's really bare and very simple looking at the moment. I need to design better logos and start filming the tuts, then render out stock footage for you guys to check out. Can't wait to start but for now... I'm gonna take a shower and head out to a pub for a few beers. Thanks for checking it out, I hope you like it and as always, any critic would be very helpful. Later.
  • Here's something that I was messing around with today, for my new website. It's super simple stuff, the text was rendered out of Blender and composited in HitFilm.
  • Here's a short render of a model that I haven't worked on in months, been really busy working on other stuff. I started off from a base male mesh that if I remember correctly, I downloaded from CGCookie. It took me a while to rework the topology. The textures only took a few days. It still needs a lot of tweaking but I'm almost done rigging it. It's based on the Spider-Man 2099 comic series, although I did alter the look of his uniform to make it look more tactical.
  • Damn... my camera has gone missing. @-)
    Gonna have to get another one. May get a DSLR or an HV30 or HV40. I've gotta keep it under $600.00 to $700.00, I may be able to go up to $800.00 but I'm not really too sure about that.
    Man this really blows a big fat bull donkey. :(
  • Just ordered a new DSLR camera from It's nothing fancy or extravagant because it's just for filming tutorials and probably small projects. It's a Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm VR Zoom Lens, may get better lenses down the road. It should arrive by next Wednesday.
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    New camera arrived today around 3:00pm. Pretty stoked and ready to start filming some awesome tuts for you guys. :D
    Just need to finish a few clips first then I'm helping my girlfriend with a Henna application tutorial.
  • Sorry to hear about your camera mate, but glad you got another one. Looking forward to seeing your website though when it's up and running.
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    Thanks SMM. :D
    My girlfriend 86'd her Henna tutorial so I just need to complete a few clips then we can start the tuts. Pretty stoked. :D
  • Here's something that I was messing around with today. I didn't model the ship, I'm only texturing it. The textures are very basic at the moment.
    It's the first time that I've used the Cycles render engine. The clip was rendered with 300 samples per frame, then composited in HitFilm.
  • Nice. Reminds me of a Narn (Babylon 5) vessel.
  • +1 for the gratuitous B5 reference.
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    This is the ship that first came to mind. It is a Narn ShoKar Scout vessel from the Babylon 5 Wars game.
    I always thought the Narns had the best paint schemes in Babylon 5.
  • Nice, I love that show.
    On a good note, Courtney and I just finished filming the intro to our first tutorial and also some footage to use in it. It was really fun and now we just need to screen capture the tutorial. :D
  • Now theres some tuturials i'd like to see recreating some scenes from b5.
    The great ones created in hitfilm, or even the shadows and vorlons
  • Which ones madmike? Let us know man... we're all about doing and recreating awesome effects. Some of the guys have dibs on tut's at the moment but we're gonna try and get as many tuts out there as possible. :D
  • The shadow vessels, and kosh outside of his encounter suit. Maybe some of the time rip effects from babylon squared.
  • I'm currently rewatching the series for a podcast, so look forward to any B5-related things. :)
    It'd be interesting to see B5 designs updated using modern tech - The Lost Tales DVD gave a glimpse of what B5 could have been like with modern tech and it was pretty awesome (even though the movie itself wasn't great).
  • Cool. I'm gonna see if B5 is on Netflix to check it out. :D
  • If you haven't seen it, it's well worth it despite the dated VFX. It's got a really, really wonderful story.
    For checking out the VFX, the late-2nd season and all of the 3rd season has the best stuff in it.
  • ooh Ive actually got the box set with everything in it. Think I might watch the lost Tales and the Rangers movie this week.
  • Thanks, my brother and a friend of ours used to watch it waaay back when it was on t.v.
  • What's up guys?
    Here's a test I did yesterday for some of the stock footage that I'm creating in Blender for use in HitFilm.
    I rendered out a 100 frame 250x200 image sequence of a smoke sim in Blender.
    I used the image sequence as textures in HitFilm's 3D particle engine.
    HitFilm can't cycle through the image sequence during a particles lifetime... yet, :D so you'll notice a slight popping during the particles lifetime. Other than that, the textures came out looking really good for being only 250x200. Oh and don't worry that the preview of the sim is colored white, when you play the video it's actually a dark grey. I must have accidentally rendered the clip with an alpha channel.
    Hope you guys like it. :D
  • Here's a super duper rough edit of the clips that I've been working on. I'm just posting the WIP, the guy who sent me the clips will actually edit them together unless he wants some changes made after he's seen this. This was pretty tough, I had to do a ton of match moving and roto work because every scene needed a sky replacement. It was a pain to roto whenever the actors beard, hair and eyelashes intersected with the sky. Some of the shots weren't to bad to match move but it was a serious chore to track the shots that had the camera zooming in or out. Let that be a lesson for you guys... don't let your camera man touch the zoom button... especially if you know that you're gonna need to match move the shot.
    So barring that the director approves these shots, I'll be able to start filming some tuts for you guys. I would've already started on the tuts but it's been raining non stop all week in Florida. Yesterday it finally cleared up but I still needed to complete one last shot and render this clip so the director could check it out. I hope he's satisfied because I'm pretty burned out with all of the damned roto work that I had to do.
  • I did this yesterday on the spur of he moment. It was inspired by Kahveh's very impressive work on this thread and because Tarn twisted my arm. :D
    I'm probably going to use this footage for my first tutorial because there were some new and interesting things that I tried on this comp, and I'm sure you guys will dig the process. Can't wait to get started. I just noticed that there's a fringe around the dragon where it intersects with it's shadow on the ground... that's because I used the lite wrap effect and didn't take the shadow in to account. Oh well... live and learn.
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