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  • Back into it after a break during the hoildays. Just coded a new Filmer build... we're in Alpha version 2.83 and a bunch of new features. Now for testing. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Sweet!  I went to the webpage to download it...did I misread?  The last one I could find is from November.

  • Hey @tddavis ,

    Yeah, sorry. I just built it this morning and am testing it now to make sure everything works before upload for you guys. It is fast dude... I'm talking about really fast. :)

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    Ah, ok.  No problems then.  I thought maybe I had read what I wanted to see there :)  Well, I guess I did!

  •  Sweet! Looking forward to playing with it!

  • No worries @tddavis and thanks @FilmSensei .

    I will have it uploaded asap for you guys, just tidying up my tutorial scripts to reflect that we're working with a 2.83 alpha version. Almost done with that so we'll start screen cappin'  the tuts right after I'm finished. So it is right around the corner. :)

  • A few screen grabs from one of our upcoming quick tuts in a first series. 

    This is all about shaders. I wrote a new addon that generates a few shader nodes with a little magic called math, that behave more like the "Fake Path Tracing" technique that I developed for Hitfilm. Hmm, hmm, hmm, yummy. :) I wasn't sure if I'd have the time to include the new Shader addon in the next update but it is looking pretty good so far. :)

    Suzanne on the left is using two glossy shaders combined with regular mix shader in a typical setup.

    Suzanne on the right is using my "custom mix shader" to mix the two glossy shaders together.

    The difference is stark. :)

    This one has a "custom bsdf node" plugged into my custom mix shader along with the two glossy shaders.

  • Just wanted to thank @JoshDavies for giving out his Blender python script for all to use. Very cool. :)

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. :) 

    Just updated my script with your fixed Euler code, wow so simple. Thanks so much dude. :)

    I'm surprised I got as far as I did as I have no idea how Hitfilm does every single thing, I've simply been guessing since 2013. I was pretty damned close though with my .MA exorter, now I don't need to hack that code into my script. :)

    Thanks again dude, you're pretty damned awesome. :)


  • Hey Greg @GrayMotion ,

    Remember way back a few months ago during our first live chat with Jay, you mentioned the fixed After Effects python script for Blender? And then a little while later I posted a video on fixed Euler rotations? Yeah so thanks for that idea dude. I looked into the AE script and got lots of good ideas. Thanks again for pointing it out. I don't use AE but I knew it was worth a look. :)

    I started writing new code right after that chat we had, so that it reflected more what the AE script does so really it's just hacked together pieces of the AE script, my .ma script, my original script and now with the added bits from Josh's code that actually writes the HF composite shot because my code that did the conversion was pretty out of date... like from 2013. At least now I know the proper way to write stuff to a Hitfilm Composite Shot. Again thanks to Josh for his script. So in my script, I'm giving credit to the AE script author, to Josh for the conversion bits and Me for the rest. :) 

    I thought that I'd added it into the last Filmer release upload in November but doh… I didn't. You'll get it soon. :)

  • @spydurhank I've tried using your HItiflm exporter and now Josh's new one and I don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong.  I get nothing but a camera (which is static in the one scene I tried with Josh's and I used yours to try and export my Arctic Freeze scene) but I don't see the model in either.  Are they supposed to export the geometry?

  • Hey Terry @tddavis ,

    No, no geometry just yet but I've actually been working on that, for the future thanks to Greg @GrayMotion. :)

    Josh's script should work without any trouble at all, he did an awesome job as usual. :) 

    What version of Blender are you using Josh's script in? His only works in Blender 2.80.0

    Turns out that the bits that I got from the AE script a few months ago fixed gimbal lock so the only thing that I needed to clean up my code was Josh's bits where he writes (hfcs_file.write) my code was way out of date in that section, for real.

  • @spydurhank Ah, that my be my problem.  I was trying it on 2.81A

  • Yeah don't panic if something doesn't work proper, all those older Blender 2.8 versions are extremely buggy, especially when it comes to addons and exporters.

    I update mine daily so they always work with the latest release. But yeah, try using Josh's script in an older 2.80 version and it should work. 

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