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  • @spydurhank ; The animation is cool. Must have been tedious to setup. I never really thought about making the trees move when I used them in my Halloween graveyard video.

  • No sir @tddavis , took 5-ish to 6 minutes to set up, bake, export, set up in Hitfilm. Baking took the longest at around 3 minutes. The rest was pretty much automatic. :)

  • Spent a tad bit more time on this shot in between thunderstorms. Check it, the ground is animated and reacts to the crashing X-wings. :)

  • Awesome! Looking forward to the final version. Looking great so far.

  • Super quick Hitfilm Foundry camera track orientation in the super simplest way. Goes by fast so keep your eyes open. :)

  • Check this out you guys... 

    I did a little work on the Filmer to Hitfilm Camera exporter. It now shows up in the regular save menu, but wait... what is that directly above the Hitfilm Camera (.hfcs)?...

    uh.. yeah. We can also now export to VEGAS POST. 

    Video coming soon-ish. :)

  • Multi OBJ, FBX, ABC, Cameras and Empties Export to Hitfilm and VEGAS EFFECTS. Testing experimental feature to export a Filmer v2.81 3D scene to Hitfilm Pro and VEGAS EFFECTS.  Super quick, super easy. :)

    This is experimental and the user has to name the automatic exports, after they have been saved to harddrive. Right now the exports are simply saved with a file extention and no name.


  •  @spydurhank

    Have you taken a look at the daily 2.81 builds and the denoiser node they have? Not sure if that in conjunction with filmer if render times will drop even more. It is nvidia based so only those supported chipsets will work but it looks rather promising. Seen the BMW scene in 25 samples get a nearly spotless render and no noise flicker with animation as well. 

  • Yes sir @FlyingBanana78 ,

    I've actually been using the 2.81 code. It is the same code that is gonna be in Blender 3.0 so it is pretty stable and my addons already work in it. I'm waiting a few days for the devs to add a couple of extra features to upload a new Filmer update for you guys. It will have all the new tools and exporters. :) 


  • @spydurhank Looking forward to it!

  • I'll post more tomorrow but for now, I cleaned up the code to all of my addons and we now have a new "HITFILM" addon category in the Filmer User Preferences for easier addon installation.

    This one is for you @GrayMotion ,Hitfilm OBJ, FBX and Alembic exporters are back and work alongside the built in Blender exporters. 

    We have whole bunch of new mesh caching operations and other tools to quickly get animations from Filmer to Hitfilm.

    Now I sleep. :)

  • Sounds great, for some reason the scene of Tank in Matrix telling Morpheus that Neo has been at it all night and is a machine. Comes to mind. You Sir are a machine.

  • Frank. I gotta agree with @FlyingBanana78. You da machine my man!

    Listen..thanks a ton for bringing back your know how "I loved those things man" (a line from Jay, you and my little "session").

    Now..I gotta back up in this thread and see what you've been up to. I have about 3 weeks until my next project so gotta a little time to see what Jay, Terry  and Banana (for lack of a better name) are doing and get up to speed...only to fall behind again 👍

  • @FlyingBanana78 @GrayMotion ,

    Thanks. I actually crashed the past two days. I forget to eat and drink sometimes and then poop, I'm out. I woke up long enough to watch the Drone therapy session guest starring @FilmSensei last night but crashed soon after. TKO.

    No major plans today, still too groggy and it sounds like thunder storms are headed this way. Maybe I'll complete my X-wing physics demo, maybe I'll start on my tuts but not sure. 

    Oh and I did run some benchmarks in Filmer with the recently added Oidin denoiser, it is pretty damned fast. It handles the detail noise generated from our combined Render and Viewport Render Samples very, very well. :) 

    Just need to wake up a little bit. :)

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    Another quick wip before we get spanked by a hurricane. A few glitches but still pretty good for a test. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Looks incredible.  Hoping the hurricane doesn't come in near you and you just deal with some rain at most.  I don't know whereabouts you are in Florida but I always assumed since Courtney was a mermaid it was in the Silver Springs area away from the coast.

  • Thanks @tddavis

    I'm really diggin' how easy it is to export physics animations to Hitfilm. I used Empties to hold the physics animation for the X-wings and simply parented everything together in Hitfilm.

    I used Alembic at first but 4 ships with alembic animations was really, really intensive on Hitfilm resources so in the end I used Empties to speed up compositing and playback. Camera and empties still suffer from gimbal lock. :(

    A few glitches that you can see are the middle x-wing pop in Euler gimbal lock after it crashes and the ship closest, goes through it. User error, I didn't bake the physics sim and bake the Shapekeys for the x-wings at the same times "should be done at same time"so it changed the animation a little and the two ships closest to the camera intersect towards the end of the animation. Good learning experience. 

    We're in Kissimmee just south of Orlando. :)

  • Feel your pain. I'm west coast Florida never seen a hurricane move so slow and create so much indecision on where its going. Went out and got a generator and fuel and water just to find out today that it may not even touch Florida and just take selfies of itself up the US east coasts.

    The X-Wings are looking sweet too by the way.

  • Wait so the Hurricane is only doing a slow walk by? That is funny. :)

    Thanks @FlyingBanana78 , I really like what you guys can do with those drones. AWESOME! :)

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    @spydurhank ; In my mind the other day I predicted that when it went over the Bahama Islands (or some group on the map) that it would do exactly that and cut hard North. :)

  • I am cool with that @tddavis . :)

  • Using an extremely tweaked, Mike Pan Blender bmw scene, so that it can be imported into Hitfilm in this test clip.

    I'm using this scene in my first series of exporting from Filmer to Hitfilm tuts which I can now start working on, seeing as how there was a Hurricane but only kinda sorta nearby. :)

    Used this project to test the new oidin denoiser + oidin compositing nodes in Filmer v2.81. Glass is not gonna be too much of a render problem anymore. The oidin denoiser is fast. :)

    Also, with the help of possibly two voice over artists, we're first doing a quick introduction video of when I first got into vfx and the idea for what is now Filmer and the custom method that I use to export an entire 3D scene into Hitfilm. 

    2,008, Vision-lab + Voodoo Camera tracker + Icarus Camera tracker + Blender 2.47. I'll also give a thanks and a nice mention to everyone that has helped me since I began in 2,008. :)

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    @spydurhank ; So looking forward to you new tutorials.  This test looks incredible and I really got to understand and figure out how you get all the separate passes rendered out and back together again!!  GrayMotion posted a node set up but I haven't made any attempts with it yet as I'm still clueless on the process. :)

  • Thanks @tddavis ,

    I'll show you all that stuff soon but the nodes already posted by Greg @GrayMotion are correct. :) I'm gonna eventually write a bit more code that will do all the node stuff for us automatically. 

  • Had the idea last night at 3am but just got a chance to test it out a little while ago. I created a nasty little Hitfilm car paint shader... Chameleon paint? I dunno but it reacts nicely. :)

    Filmer passes for Glass and Refractive Caustics, Self Reflections and Shadows. Two passes total.

    Hitfilm passes for Materials/Shaders, Custom Roughness and other PBR Textures as stand ins for Specular maps, Reflections and Lighting along with a couple of 43 year old pre-kindergarten techniques thrown in to the mix so kids stuff really and nothing fancy. Two passes total.

    I focused only on the car paint and didn't do anything with the rest of the 3d scene but it is not too terrible. :)


  • So I just got back into working on Filmer today. Fell down almost weeks ago and jammed my entire left leg from hip to toes. Just got some of the feeling back in my toes today so yay. :) oh and I was standing still when I fell. Heh. :)

    Anyway, I didn't start any of the tuts yet so everything was re-scheduled till I heal up but today I added a whole bunch of stuff just to see if I could focus enough to do it and well... take a look at the two pics below. :)

    Top left in the Compositing Editor, I wrote a simple new addon Panel for any custom compositing nodes and node groups. So far I've only written a tweaked Denoise Node that works better than the built in denoise node but more will be added in the future and I'll do the same for the Shading Editor later on as I progress. FYI, the new Oidin ai denoiser along with my new denoising node is faster than the Nvidia ai denoiser addon by Remington graphics. It preserves a lot of detail at low render samples too. :)  

    In the middle, the Hitfilm Auto Tools Panel has a bunch of new tools and such. I remember 7 months ago before there was a Hitfilm Panel, I only had one tiny script to move the origin point of a 3D object but it didn't even have an interface and now the Panel is just full of... wow. :)

    On the right, in the Render Properties, there are a few new additions, mostly having to do with noise generation and render samples. Scrambling Distance, Auto Scramble, Adaptive Sampling, Dithered Sobol, Correlated Multi Jitter, Progressive Multi Jitter and Viewport Samples added at final render.

    Also tweaked for better performance and renamed Auto tiles to Sync Samples-Tiles. Let me know what you guys think. :) 

    I'm gonna take it a little slow till my leg heals up but I'll start writing the tuts asap. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Take it from someone who's had a hip and knee replaced the past 2 years, sitting at a computer desk is hard for a few weeks.  Take it slow!  I'm excited to get all the cool refinements and those tutorials you've come up with, but not if it's going to cause you pain.

  • Totally agree, take it easy Frank! Hope you have a speedy recovery and it is nothing serious. The integration of the tabs is a really nice addition looks awesome!

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