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  • I am curious as to if Steve Lund (CG Geek) has tried hitfilm as he is one of the few blender tutorial guys out there that actually does stuff in the vfx side of things and not just image renders. He just did one on putting an animated robot into video footage using motion tracking and blender compositing nodes which I think it would have been done much easier using filmer and hitfilm to do all that he did in his tutorial when it came to compositing out the markers and such on the floor and the ao and reflection passes. I do also know that he uses a mac as he mentions command key instead of control key in his vid. Would be pretty sweet seeing someone that has a youtube follwing as he does make the switch to filmer/hitfilm which in turn would get a lot more "free" advertisement out there for Filmer final release.

  • @spydurhank ; Ok,  I have never done a Skype so I'll see what all that entails to see if it's doable for me.  And for the record, you definitely cannot show me any NDA stuff as I am not a tester. :)

  • You know what, I'm actually thinking that is a great idea. There are a handful of already established people that I've been meaning to reach out to for like ever.

    Still, I'd love to show you guys the trick. :)

  • @tddavis , No problem, we'll simply use Hitfilm Express as it is the same process. :)

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    Ok. I am having a Senior moment.

    I have lost the Hitfilm Tools menu from the Properties Region and Export Camera hfc from the Search menu. If you would be so kind Frank..remind an ole man what I'm to have installed.

  • This is Blender/Filmer "2.81" and requires all of the addons to be re-installed.

    Addons located in the filmer-v2.81-Alpha-7-29-19-a\2.81\scripts\addons_contrib\Hitfilm snippets.

    The new 2.81 will save a user settings file in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\ but you first have to install any addons then save user preferences. 

  • @spydurhank ; JUst installed Filmer's latest on my computer at home where I had had the problems and all is gooood!  Got all the add-ons reinstalled too plus the usual ones I like to use since I reset the base program tryiong things out on the other versions of Filmer RC2 & 3

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Won't get a chance to install the new version today, but, for the record, since right now I have a "free" copy of Filmer, figure when I download the current build I'll also pop over to owmycgi and donate for a Mac version. Figure the donate button means Frank would need to buy a Mac... 

  • @Triem23 ,

    I uh, all I could hear was the This song that popped in my head when I first read your post. Thank you Mike, very much. :)


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    Sorry Frank...I gotta howl like a dawg....Bette Midler!?!     hoooooooooooooooo... I hurt my own ears ;-)

    You going at a new Mac Pro/iMac  or  used?

    A moment on the add-ons: I cannot seem to find the export .obj and .fbx  function. I see them in the scripts directory but they won't install?

  • @GrayMotion ,

    I actually need to research a bit on that or simpler is to get a real Mac + Hitfilm users advice.

    With ideal funding I would not skimp on new gear because coding Blender or any software really needs to be done in the most stable environment possible so 2nd hand gear is not so good.

    In the case of acquiring less than ideal funding and 2nd hand gear being the only option, my only real requirements to get started are a pretty large ssd to hold all of the different programs and libraries that it takes to build Blender from source, over 30 gigs on top of the OS. A very good multi threaded processor and fast ram so that the actual build process is completed quickly.


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    New iMac Pro's are pretty pricey...north of 5k and up to 13k. Used isn't that bad if you stick with a 27in/5k Retina Display models...I've owned a few used iMacs...most comes with warranty's and Apple care on machines 2 year old or so.

    An example 


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    @GrayMotion ,

    Wow, that thing looks pretty awesome. 


    @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Just watched that CG Geek video. You know... him having to do all of that complicated but not uber difficult stuff with nodes is exactly why I composite in Hitfilm. Concerning nodes... I've mentioned before in the past but we really do have the same power in Hitfilm and much more. :)

  •  Exactly why I thought instantly of filmer for something like that type of use, I will do basic compositing node setups in blender but when it comes to just setting up an alpha mask or keying that goes straight to hitfilm for me. Guess it's safe to say even if I had a free forever Nuke license I don't think I would use it. Nodes still give me headaches. 

  •    Ok after trying to break Filmer on my laptop with a rigged character, 4k textures, animation setup, and particles, along with micro displacement I have come to the conclusion that it is quite stable. Only crash was my doing from enabling gpu (facedesks). Time for a nap and some coffee.

  • The CG Geek video is great, but I agree with @spydurhank... I think all of that could be done in Filmer and HitFilm easier. I am with @Graymotion in that I will need a complete refresher on how to install all of the HitFilm tools. In fact, I will need a refresher on completely setting up Filmer. To be honest, after HitFilm 13 and Blender 2.8 both come out, it might be a good idea to do a full video covering how to completely set up Filmer from top to bottom. For that video, writing out an outline or even an actual script (and sticking to it!) would make sure that you don't miss any thing, and just as importantly that you don't ramble on for two hours either! :)

  • @FlyingBanana78 ,

    Nuke dude, Nuke is insane. I've watched a bunch of their breakdown videos all the way back to around 2004 or something like that. You already know this but like any node compositor, Nuke uses 2D render passes to represent a 3D scene rendered from a dedicated 3D app. Using Deep compositing and other scripting to generate point clouds, Nuke can get pretty accurate 3D representation from 2D render passes. 

    With Filmer and Hitfilm we can do the same thing but with bonuses. We can render out separate passes in Filmer and comp them together in Hitfilm, only difference is that we can also export the actual 3D scene to Hitfilm which we can relight, tweak materials, re-texture and do the one thing that can't be done in any software... we can add any of the Hitfilm effects live, to our 3D objects in our scene. It is pretty nice and allows Hitfilm to do what the big dog compositing programs can do and a bit more. It is a lot faster, a lot simpler and all kinds of fun. 

    @FilmSensei ,

    Yes absolutely. I need to quite my over exited, chattering brain and focus, focus, focus. This is pretty tough right now because I'm incredibly stoked and really just want to show you guys the trick that makes it all work because I've got it down well enough that it is just about to become a one size fits all type of thing. :)

    So Pro 13 is out today and I can now legally show you guys what I've been doing. I'd still very much like to Skype with all or some of you if not everyone has the time. I think my brain is gonna explode from the excitement if I don't show you guys the trick very soon. It could be one on one, for those with time constraints but would be preferably better as a group so I can receive all your perspectives at the same time plus simply getting to hear your voices in conversation would be pretty awesome. 

    Please let me know if and when you guys are available as I am open for any time. :)


  • Please clarify for me the contents....

    Filmer 2.81 Alpha/addons_contrib/Hitfilm Snippets

    3d-view                <--Hitfilm Tools Panel
    import-export  <--HF Camera exporter
    uv-image-editor <--image-presets   ??

    Where is the export .obj and  .fbx scripts? The standalone ones I have do not work?

    I'd like to converse but ......Skype huh? Um...let me see what I can do.

  • @spydurhank I am happy to Skype in with you. Why don't you throw out a couple of time frame opportunities and see what everyone can do?

    @GrayMotion Skype is easy. If you have never used it, you will be surprised at how simple it is to use. I use it all the time... most recently to record my podcast with @JavertValbarr.

  • Hey @GrayMotion , Sorry about that.

    We don't really need the older standalone custom fbx and obj Hitfilm exporters but I could re-write them as they are simpler to use if you really, really want them. :) 

    The official built in fbx and obj exporters in Blender2.81/Filmer have gone through a major re-write by official Blender devs so the official exporters now do what my old custom Hitfilm exporters did to get proper exports over to Hitfilm. It is just a matter of showing you the correct setting which you can then use easily create a preset for yourself that you can use over and over. 

    I'm following the advice of @FilmSensei and writing a quick script for a short Filmer addon installation video so I don't drive you guys nuts. :)

  • @FilmSensei ,

    I'm open and can Skype at any time with no constraints with one or all of you. Just let me know when your best individual time is and I'll make it happen because I can and feel it is better to make it convenient for you guys so all are comfortable and at ease. 

    I just need about an hour to screen capture, edit and upload a quick video for the addon installation. After that I'm all yours.  


  • Ok gents ..I used Skype years not an issue...I just wanted to re-install it on the Mac before I committed. Looks like it works. If I remember right you can screen cast as well?? I'm available pretty much this week so let me know when

    10-4 on the export scripts Frank...

    I was going to make some videos on why and how to use Filmer with Hitfilm but I wanted to make sure not to look like a total dumb *** doing it :-)

  • @spydurhank I am pretty much available any time as well. Maybe we should get the others who have a more particular schedule involved in the conversation. We will want to work around their schedules!

  • No worries @GrayMotion ,

    Yeah I discovered that the official Blender fbx and obj exporters were actually working after all these years in the new 2.81 release by total accident. I opened the scripts in an editor and saw that they had been re-written in the past few weeks so they can now properly export to Hitfilm with the help of the auto grouping operations in the Hitfilm Tools panel. I'm glad that they officially work now because there is less coding for me. :)

  • You've got it @FilmSensei , I'll give it an hour or so for everyone to respond. oh boy oh boy it is magic time. :)

  •  @spydurhank ; As for me, if I can get skype on to my laptop running Windows 7 and activate the webcam on it (never been used and has a piece of tape over it :) Yes, I am pretty paranoid...) I could only do it after say 5:30 pm CDT on week days until after school starts the 9th and this tired old PawPaw can breathe again.  Weekends are pretty much open until then, but you all go ahead before then and it would be super if there was a way to capture it all for distillation into an awesome tutorial video.

  • @tddavis ,

    That is a very great idea, I think any one of us could screen cap the session and upload to YouTube?

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    Here's a pretty quick Filmer v2.81 download and addon installation video. No audio. :)

    I'm open and ready to Skype at any time just let me know. :)


    Sorry forgot to mention there is also a new Filmer v2.81 Alpha for you guys to download, it has a ton of official bug fixes. Sorry, I was so exited that I forgot about having built a new Filmer early this morning. Doh!!! :)

    Re-EDIT: And I forgot the link.

    @FilmSensei , I'm very ready but I think I actually need a few minutes to settle down and maybe have a healthy snack, I've had nothing but Coffee today. Let me have a few minutes and we'll see if anyone else can join, if not it'll be just you and I. Was that you just now Skyping me? :)

  • @spydurhank I can go whenever also.

  •  I'm pretty much free anytime after about 1pm est. tomorrow got too much going on today to be able to devote the required attention for a Skype session. But don't let that keep you all from going ahead by any means. 

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