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    @spydurhank exciting stuff! I mean, other than Hitfilm 12. Seen it. It's ok*. 

    @JoshDaviesCEO @SimonKJones read spydurhank's comment immediately above, guys.

    *I'm kidding, it's fantastic, but don't ask me about it  either.

  • Thanks @Triem23 ;

    It is pretty cool stuff but I don't know If I explained it properly. You just need to listen to Josh and Simon when they talk to you or do a tutorial. I'm always like a deer in headlights waiting in anticipation because they always give a little snippet of what seems like inspired thought on a particular subject, in my case I translate what they say into 3D and when it all of a sudden works, I'm left wondering where they came up with whatever insane idea that they came up with. You just need to know it when they say it or show it in a tutorials. All I'm saying is that these guys can ask you a simple question and that little question will somehow explode in your mind giving you sooooooooooo many ideas. :) 

  • Thanks to Josh, Simon, and Greg for all of this... but mostly thanks to Frank!

  • Whoops, wow, I knew it was too early in the morning for me, should've had that first cup of coffee before posting this. Posted this on the wrong thread, hey @Triem23 would you please move my post over to my thread? Sorry OP. :(

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    @spydurhank done, dude.

    Also, I know what you mean about Simon, Josh and community questions.

  • If we are going to go around thanking people, I have a lot more I could thank around here, let me tell you!

  • So last night I built my first version of Blender with some Cycles speed ups. Tested in the screencaps below, with two 4gig Nvidia gtx 970s and a sample benchmark from On the left is the Beta build that you can get for free. In the middle is my build from last night and on the far right is my build from a few minutes ago after tweaking the code a bit.

    Blender build,                        01:51:49          

    Custom Build last night,  01:40:46          

    Custom Build today,          00:47:82

    I'll post pics benchmarking my 32gig radeon pro duo Polaris later on. Seriously stoked. :)  

  • Whoa, the Nvidia tweaking that I did to the Blender code made my pretty old gtx 970s way faster than my 32gig Radeon Pro Duo.  So my two 4gig cards are faster to render than my two 16gig cards. Freaking wow. I sped up the open cl stuff for Blender regarding AMD cards as well and there is a very noticeable increase in render speed but they can't touch my little Nvidia cards. Seriously, wow! :)

    Flabbergasted here guys, my old gtx 970s have never rendered anything this fast and the fact that they are now in Blender, than my 32gig Pro Duo is insane. :)

    I'll screencap something a bit later on as I've done a bit more tweaking this morning and I'm creating a new build to further speed up Cuda, Open CL and test a bit more. Wow, this stuff is getting easy peasy. :)

    Our Blender build is gonna be awesomely fast to render. :) 

    Oh and I also added an operation that if rendering with both cpu + gpu, which is sometimes much slower than rendering with only gpu, will massively speed up your renders by keeping cpu threads busy so that all your gpus are rendering the heavier part of the scene and all cpu threads and gpu cards finish rendering at very close to the same time. 

    It is easy too, all you need to do in Blender is activate cpu + gpu rendering and start rendering with f12. No settings to tweak either as it is all automatic. More info and video later.



  • Hi guys,

    Check out these render times after a little more tweaking of the Blender code early this morning. We've got a massive performance boost which I'm super stoked about.

    Used gpu + cpu for both benchmarks with the official Blender Beta on the left and my custom Blender build on the right. you can see a tiny difference with my additions in the UI Properties Panel. Used 512 samples which is overkill but I needed to stress both gpu + cpu for a good test. 

    Two 4gig Nvidia GTX 970s + all cpu cores. Left =Blender 2.80.0 Beta.     Right =Blender-Custom build.


    One 32gig Radeon Pro duo Polaris  + all cpu cores. Left =Blender 2.80.0 Beta.     Right =Blender-Custom build.

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    "Okay so there is one guy that deserves the biggest thank you of all that I can muster and a thanks to him"

    Ah Frank.....cut it out. You making me self-conscious. I'm known to be a grumpy ole tarnishing my image. Thanks for the shout out bud. Keep rocking on!

    Edit: BTW - can your script export multiple cameras? I tried...but can't seem to figure it out.

  • Hey @GrayMotion ;

    I've actually never tried exporting multiple cameras with my script. For now try selecting Camera-A and export it, then unselect Camera-A and select Camera-B and export it... and so on. I've exported multiple Empty/Rigs this way and it works. I select empty/rig-A, export it, unselect empty/rig-A then select empty/rig-B and export it.


    Here is a quick-ish video of my latest custom Blender build with massive Cuda and OpenCL render speedups. Very cool stuff happening here. The whole c++ speed up is also an automatic solution to gpu + cpu bottlenecks.   

  • Played some more with the Blender C/C++ code to calculate the best settings based on "Render Samples" faster and better, and I was also able to sqweeze some more performance juice out of my CPUs + GPUs. Check out the render times below.

    I'm gonna keep exploring these speedups till the Blender 2.80.0 Alpha is released to make sure everything is stable. My builds are modified versions of the Master 2.80.0 branch so everything works the same and as it should, except my custom Blender build renders faster... way faster. Super stoked. :)  

    2x 4gig Nvidia GTX 970s:

    Left= Blender 2.8.0 BETA.                                                Right= Latest Custom Blender-HitFilm build with speedups.

  • Watching some Snooker while waiting on my last custom Blender build for today, after running many tests and benchmarks for best overall render settings when using cpu + gpu which are providing even higher render speed results than we've already had in the past couple of days. I temporarily took away the cpu + gpu management toggle because I don't think we'll need it anymore as I've played with the code enough so that you get the best render settings no matter how many "render samples" you throw at your scene. Really cool stuff. I'll do a video in the morning. Later. :) 


  • Sorry for the late video, we had a vehicle or "something" hit a powerline or transformer down the road the other day, knocking out power during a Blender building session so I had to start over. Just got caught up so here is another video with some Cycles and viewport rendering speed improvements.

    I use the Blender BMW benchmark to test my custom Blender build against the official Blender 2.80.0 BETA.
    I do change some settings like lowering the render samples for the Blender BETA because it would have taken forever for a simple benchmark test using the Blender Master Branch.
    To really test my Blender build, I raise the render samples to a much higher AA sample value than the Blender BETA, as well as activating denoising and adding an hdri environment map which should technically raise the render times for my build making them higher than the Blender BETA.
    My build beats the Blender BETA cold but you can check out the render times for yourselves. :) FYI, I'm gonna need a few Beta testers for different machines with high end processors and graphics cards, if you're interested let me know here with your machine specs and we'll see about getting you a free copy of my custom Blender build which I'm for now simply calling "Filmer". 
    Right now I can only build Blender for Windows 10 64 bit machines as I don't own a Mac but this could quickly change with proper funding and support.   
  • @spydurhank Ah, I may have been premature in the other thread volunteering.  I only have an AMD FX 8350 8 core chip with 16 GB RAM at the moment til I get two of them replaced under warranty (not sure what happened there yet) and a NVidia 1060 6 GB GPU.  Probably not the power your looking for, but a plus; it is  Win 10. 


  • @tddavis ,

    your system is perfect dude. Your 8 core processor is way faster than my two 8 core Xeons and your 6gig 1060 gpu should be pretty fast compared to my two 4gig 970s. My system is pretty old when compared to what you have and most other folks own today. They've got faster Processors and faster GPUs.

    I bet if you toss the BMW scene into my Blender build "in your machine" you should get way better render times out of your gear than what you saw me get out of my gear, in my video. I would have to toss in my 3rd gtx 970 to get close to your 1060. Your gpu has more cores than my video cards which is what my code uses to speed everything up.


     @FilmSensei ,

    Trust me you have enough Blender knowledge. :) just let me know your system specs, you too @tddavis please, like this if you could? Looking at my specs below, you can see that it is all over the place with the ghz and ddr memory, nothing is really optimized to work together so knowing what others are using helps in making sure that even folks with a lower end system can benifit from my Blender build. Just a note, this makes my 2 4gig gtx 970s roughly 20% to 25% faster than my 32gig Pro Duo Polaris. :) 

    64gig ram, + ddr3

    2 Xeon 2670, + 16 cpu cores, 2.6 ghz

    2 gtx 970, + 8gigs, + 3288 cuda cores, + ddr3

    1 amd Polaris, + 32gigs, + 4608cores, + ddr5

    You can copy and paste the text below and just type in your numbers.


    # ram, + ddr memory#

    # processor, + # cpu cores, + # ghz

    # gpu, # gigs, + cores / cuda cores, + ddr memory


    So anyone is welcome and can ask to participate just let me know your machine specs and I'll link you to a Free Beta download after I recieve enough requests, but I've got @tddavis and  @FilmSensei down so far.    

  • Of course you know I have to volunteer for this one...but I may be a little under powered.

    32 ram

    Intel Core i7-6700k processor,  + 4 cpu cores,  + 4 .0ghz

    Nvidia 1070 gpu,  8gigs, + 1920 cuda cores, + ddr5 memory

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    I dunno. Hmmm...

    • i7-6700HQ@2.60 GHZ
    • Nvidia 980m 8GB
    • 64 GB 2133Mhz Dual Channel RAM not certain if DDR4 or DDR5
    • Win 10 Pro 64-bit

    I'm not a Blender guy but optimized tools for moving between Blender and Hitfilm would probably inspire me to crack down and learn it. 

  • @spydurhank ; I'll have to wait until this evening when I'm off grandkids-duty and back home to look up some specs I'm not 100% sure on.  But will do.

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    Oh my, @GrayMotion and @Triem23 ,

    Nice specs, you guys are in for sure. Let me attempt to get some more folks involved so we can get a good variation of machines to test. Oh and thankyou for being willing to take your time test this Blender build for me. :)  

    EDIT: Thanks @tddavis

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    @spydurhank This is really exciting! I am currently out of town on business, and I doubt I will be home for at least another week. When I get home, I will look up my main HitFilm/Blender computer's specs and provide them. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure it is relatively under-powered. How much RAM is in a Commodore 64 anyway? :)

  • @FilmSensei , you just took me back in time. :) Does a Commodore 64 even have RAM? :) 

  • @spydurhank About 64K I think! :)

  • @FilmSenei …, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Wow!!! That is crazy. :)

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    16 GB (2x8 GB) ram, + dd3 HyperX Fury memory (Will go back to 32 GB soon)

    AMD FX-8350 processor, + 8 cpu cores, + 4 ghz

    Nvidia 1060 gpu, 6 gigs, + cores / 1280 cuda cores, + 6144 ddr5 memory, Graphics Clock 1569 mhz

    64-Bit Windows 10 Home 1809 build

    And just to throw in there: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P mother (Currently using conventional SATA HDD with Hybrid as additional storage.)


  • I do most of my blending on my laptop and then I will bring it over to my desktop pc which the specs of are identical to @GrayMotion the laptop specs are as follows. Not sure if you are wanting testing for laptop users but here they are. The laptop runs 2.8 beta well and EEVEE too (Just a few crashes from time to time as it is Beta)


    Operating system

    Windows 10 Home 64

    Processor and graphics

    Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (1.8 GHz, up to 4 GHz, 8 MB cache, 4 cores)+NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)

    Intel® Optane™ memory

    16 GB PCIe® NVMe™ Intel® Optane™


    17.3" diagonal 4K IPS WLED-backlit (3840 x 2160)


    16 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (2x8GB)


    1 TB 7200 rpm SATA; 16 GB PCIe® NVMe™ Intel® Optane™

    Additional 4 TB Seagate USB 3.0 Passport for assets.

  • @tddavis Thanks. :)

    @FlyingBanana78 Thankyou very much.

    I hadn't even considered laptops which is cool but have no idea how things will go with those specs, so when ready, could you also test on your main pc. It will be good to get a bench from two almost identical machines like you and @GrayMotion have.  

  • @spydurhank Yeah the specs on the desktop is Intel Core i7-6700k processor,  4 cpu cores,   4 .0ghz , 32 gigs of DDR5 , 2tb platter drive, 2  samsung 1tb SSD's ,  MSI GTX 1070 Bus Interface: PCIe 3.0 x16, Max Memory Size: 8192 MB, Core Clock(s): 1506 MHz, Memory Clock(s): 2002 MHz, Graphics API Support: DirectX 12.0 OpenGL 4.5 Max TDP: 150 W

    BTW  What are you using as a benchmark in render samples for the renderings on 2.8 cycles/EEVEE , I already have the BMW benchmark file.

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    @spydurhank guess I should have told you I'm a laptop. 

    To translate into desktop terms a 980m is about equal to a desktop 770

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