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  • Hey guys,
    Here's a scene that I started working on a little while ago. I made the Earth, clouds, atmosphere and space background with Blender and Gimp and imported them into HF2U... not the textures mind you, I only made the 3D models. I'm gonna redo the space background, not at all happy with this one but it's just a placeholder for now. I focused on making the earth look realistic... especially the clouds.  

    Here's a close up. Let me know what you think of the clouds.


  • Sweet! Are the clouds animated?
  • They will be when I make my own cloud textures. I got the Earth and Cloud textures from the Nasa website. They're free to download and use. I'm gonna end up making the clouds in Blender because they'll be volumetric. It's gonna be awesome. ;)
  • The shadows on the clouds look reversed to me. If there's a bump map on them, you might try inverting the map.
    I would also tone down the highlight a bit. It's a bit strong for my taste. It would also be nice if the clouds obscured the reflection of the highlight as well.
    Here is a link to a planet I rendered earlier this year...
  • Thanks rtrowbridge.  :) 
    There's no bump map on the clouds though. HF2U doesn't support bump maps yet, I wish it did.  :) 
  • Thanks rtrowbridge.  :) 
    There's no bump map on the clouds though. HF2U doesn't support bump maps yet, I wish it did.  :)

    I missed that this was in Hitfilm. I had assumed it was from Blender.

  • No worries, thanks for your advice either way.  :) 
  • I forgot to post these a while back. Finally had some free time to work on some models today. Feels like it's been forever since I've posted anything. Been super busy. These models are pretty dense but they look so damned good with their respective textures. 
    Here's the Earth...


    and moon. 


  • Awesome! Got any pics with textures attached?
  • Yeah, I'll post some in a bit.
  • Here's a pic of the Moon so far. My Pen tablet bit the dust so I had to go and buy another one. I bought a Wacom intuoso 4. It blows because I was saving up to buy a new graphics card and processor. Oh well... them's the breaks.
    Anyway... this Version of the moon has a bump map applied to it. Just need to do some more work on the textures.



  • Here's another bit of info on integrating Blender with HitFilm2 Ultimate.
  • Here's the destroyed Moon so far.


  • Thank you for uploading that!  That can and will seriously speed up and make complex movements of both cameras and 3D objects in 3D space so much easier!!! 
  • You're very welcome.  :D 
  • Here's some test render in Cycles.
    This is 10 samples at 9 seconds with a 1 pixel blur and sharpen.

    This one is 1,000 samples at 5 minutes 27 seconds. No post effects.


  • Asteroids... 



  • Every time I see the moon I think of Jackie Gleason. ;) 
    But your poor beat up moon looks....well....beat up which I guess is the point. Three thumbs up.
    Did you use a photo for the textures on these models- asteroids & moon?
  • Yeah, I went outside and took some pics of my driveway and street and made them seamless in Gimp. Pretty simple stuff. Wish I'd paid attention to my white balance though. I'll probably go take some more pics tomorrow.
  • A little test for the community project. :)


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    I will have to try making seamless tiles/pics. Photoshop has a complicated process to do that so I'm going to try Gimp. I have a small lava rock that I've been wanting to try using as a texture for asteroids.
    The earth pic is cool. Can't wait to see the finished project and all the different parts together in action.
  • Another test render with lower poly models. :)


  • Another WIP render with magma flows. Almost looks kinda cool.  :) 



  • Kinda? It IS cool for a WIP or otherwise. So how is the 'lava look' applied? I'm curious as to how you did that.
  • With a texture. :)
  • Some more stuff for the community project... the engines and cannon still need to be textured.









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    When you use the mirror feature in Blender, do you get a discoloration on the model? Almost like a smudge on the faces? When I used the mirror feature I kept getting those anomalies that can be seen through an applied texture so I've been modeling by line of sight with the graph.
    If you do get the little smudge thingys, can they be removed so the texture looks right?
    The above ship design is sweet!
  • Ah... thanks Stormy... that's probably what it is. I haven't applied the mirror modifier yet because I'm still working on it. I didn't even realize what was going on. Thanks again man. :) 
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