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  • Hah, I like the idea of them all banding together to fight off the aliens in a moment of pure cheesey goodwill, and then once the aliens are defeated they simply resume WW2 hostilities. That has a certain satisfying cynicism. :)
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    I've been working on this P51_D Mustang since last Thursday. 













  • I did a bit more work on this, added a bit more detail "panels" to the body and wings. 



    And here's a test render out of HF2U.


  • Looking good! Nice to see you working on a 'real world' model. Love to see you do a test of that luma matte technique to put somebody into the cockpit..... :)
  • Thanks Simon.  :D 
    I'll put something together after I catch some zzzz"s, I've been awake working on this for waaay too long. 
  • Wow, been super busy with other things and I wasn't able to work on anything for very long. Although I did start working on a pin up girl type thing to use as a texture on the P51 Mustang. It still needs a lot of work but it's a start.


    I did manage to sit down today and set up some decent UV coordinates for the Mustang and I'll start texturing it the day after tomorrow. 
  • I'm off work from my regular job today so I started adding large rivets to the P51 Mustang... it's really boring and repetitive work and it takes a bit of time. Adding smaller rivets will probably take a while as well. No worries... just gotta keep at it.  :) 



    BTW... I gave the rivets a simple white material, just for visualization purposes. 


  • Got the large rivets done on the body of the Mustang, just need to add rivets to the wings then I can start on the smaller rivets. It's coming together nicely.  :) 





  • I started modelling this Stealth Fighter yesterday morning. I'm gonna use it in the Film Riot Monday challenge competition. It's pretty low poly because it's gonna be way out in the background and moving pretty fast so it doesn't need a whole lot of detail.  





  • Here's the Stealth fighter that I've been working on... it looks like I'm gonna need to add more faces to it, to get rid of the weird artifacts. It looks pretty good so far though. :)
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    Looking good! What's your plan for the final shot?
  • Thanks. It's a type of Alien attack. A few huge Alien motherships will be located way back in the background. A bunch of dog fights will be happening in the skies with many military planes being shot down and a lot of destroyed civilian property and vehicles and such in the foreground... a few destroyed tanks as well if I have time.
    Really stoked about this one. :)  
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    Sounds good to me! Looking forward to seeing it in action.
    I'm starting to think that we should enter the Monday Challenges more often as a community. Good impetus to do focused work, while raising HitFilm's profile at the same time.
  • That's a great idea. ;)
  • @Spydurhank Im going to need you to Simon up your final project with some Lens Dirt.
    All great directors have the effect or the shot that they are known for.
    Spielberg uses star shots in almost every project.
    JJ Abrams uses light flares
    Michael Bay uses high saturation/ the cicle shot/explosions
    Simon uses Lens Dirt
    What will be your signature?
  • MJ... Love it dude. It's not going to be easy to "Simon up" any of my projects though.  :) 
    Like you said... most folks have their "thing" that they're known for, I'll think of something... I hope.  :D 
  • Man oh man, today was my first day off all week and am really "Egg-Sauce-Ted" so I experimented with Blenders new planar tracker... guys... it's super fast and handles blurry footage and motion blur, insanely well.  @-) ;
    I'm not even gonna try to compare Blenders planar tracker with Mocha HitFilm because it's just another great tool to have but... it is easier and faster to get a very accurate camera solve... well... at least it seems that way from my one days worth of experience.  :) 
    Anyway, here are a few pics. The screen is split in two, the movie clip editor is on the left and the 3D camera view is on the right. I could've just used Mocha HitFilm for the matchmove but since I'm doing some explosions and smoke sims' in the match move, I decided to stick with Blenders camera tracker for this project.
    Oh and BTW, the Blender to HitFilm exporter seems to work just fine in Blender 2.67... there's no need to fiddle with the camera parameters once you import it into HF2U. Pretty stoked. I'll post a tut on Blenders planar tracker as soon as I can... gotta finish this project first.  :D 





  • Interesting! I had no idea that Blender now had planar tracking as well as its point camera tracker. Very impressive. Though it's odd that there still aren't any good UI designers in the entire Blender development community. :P
  • I agree. Blender is a beast. Mocha is way easier to use but I'm diggin' how fast Blenders Planar tracker is. It can even deal with shadows, if they occlude whatever you're tracking. Pretty cool so far. 
    Oh... before I forget. I seem to have been telling tales after school. I was mistaken when I said that the Blender to HF2U exporter was working properly. Sorry. I'm trying to figure it out.
  • @spydurhank
    You totally make me want to check out blender!
    Actually I am right now! :D
  • Thanks man... and you're most welcome. 
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    I ran out of likes reading through this thread. :(  I need more likes!
    Sir spydurhank- Just out of curiosity, how long have you been working with Blender?
    Did you use a picture of a Mustang to model with? I ask only 'cause I saw a tut on making a tree in Blender and the guy imported a picture of a tree and traced it. I thought that might be a good way to do other models too but haven't had the time to experiment yet. Do you use the mirror image editing feature? (sorry- forgot its real name)
    Also- regarding the stealth fighter- how did you add the engine light? Was that done in Blender, HF?
  • Hey Stormy.
    I think it's been about two years... maybe a bit more, around Christmas of 2011 I think. 
    I looked at a lot of Google images of P51 Mustangs for reference, then in Gimp, I drew a blueprint for the front, side and top views and import those images into Blender. There's a really cool way to make some basic models from 2D images. You can draw whatever you want in Gimp and turn the line art into a SVG or scalable vector graphic which you can import into Blender and easily convert it into a 3D mesh... it's pretty awesome.
    Yes I do... the mirror modifier is a life saver and I definitely use it like there's no tomorrow.
    I modelled the stealth fighter in Blender, I'm actually working on it right now. :) Just taking a break to post this reply. I exported it out of Blender as a .obj file and imported it into HF2U. The engine glow is just a blur and the engine lite is just an Auto lite flare effect. Pretty simple stuff. :)   
  • Simple, maybe, but very effective! The engine glow looks like it belongs there.
    I'll have to look into Gimp sometime down the road after I get this vid I'm working on finished.
    Keep up the great work!
  • Right on Stormy.  :) 
    Oh and... I told a fib... sorry. it's been a year and 6 months since I've been using Blender. I remember now, that my awesome girlfriend bought me an Alienware desktop for the Christmas of 2012 which because of it's graphics card... I was able to actually run software like Blender and Voodoo camera tracker.
    I never bothered trying to learn it prior to 2012 because I had this not so great Lenovo desktop with a 32 bit OS.
    I'm gonna upgrade to a new processor and graphics card soon. Gonna be awesome. :D 
    And also... I received my new lense and filter kit for my camera about an hour ago. Photos and videos look 20 million times better than the stock lense on my camera. Uber stoked about that. :D    
  • So that's a computer next to your desk- I thought it was a train engine! :)
    I know how you feel about the camera. One of the best days of mine was when I got my Canon Rebel. I spent three or four years dreaming of the day. Congrats! It's a huge step up from the point and shoot for sure.
    I got a polarizing lens for my camera and it seems to make things a little dark so I have to adjust the camera's brightness to compensate. Don't know if it's supposed to work like that or not. Did you get a telephoto lens? I was a bad boy this year and bought a huge lens with my tax return. It's so big and heavy you have mount the lens to the tripod! Now if I could only find a practical use for it. I'll have a weeks vacation to figure it out next week. Woo-hoo!
    Can't wait to see the vids you produce!
  • Yeah man... that's my P.C. this thing is a monster, it's super heavy too.
    Yup, I also bought a telephoto lense but haven't tried it out, yet though, and I also bought some macro lenses.
    Here's a few pics of a new concept ship that I started working on, my days off from my day job. I'm really diggin' this one.  :) 






    And here's a test render in hF2U... nothing too fancy or extravagant, just trying out some compositing stuff.


  • Interesting design! That composite doesn't look quite right, in that the foreground part of the ship appears to be very close, while the back disappears into cloud. The scale doesn't seem like that should be possible. For it to be in cloud, it seems that all of it should be fogged a bit, so that it all looks like it has some distance.
  • Cool looking ship! It almost cries for an organic type Moya on Farscape maybe. Or not.
    I can believe that computer is heavy. It looks huge.
  • Thanks guys. Simon... you're correct, I'll keep working on the composite.  :) 
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