How do you link audio that was recorded 'off camera'?

Not really so much 'how', but what do you recommend?
I've taken to using a Zoom H1 recorder for my audio. It sounds clearer and lets me have the mic closer.
However I haven't found a good way to align these audio files with the video in Hitfilm2.
Especially in a Composite Shot. Not having a visible waveform in the CS means I'm trying to match sound to video by hand... or ear... or eye... (manually anyway)
Am I missing something else I should be doing? Or is this it for the moment in Hitfilm2.
Would I be better off using a 3rd party program to combine the audio and video and then use that output in Hitfilm2? (Not really what I want to be doing)


  • The problem with the clapper is that without being able to see the wave form, I'm still lining it up by ear.
    I have to play the audio
    See if it appears in the correct place
    Move the audio file a tad forward or back
    Listen again
    Plural Eyes does look nice... but more dollars then I really need to spend. I CAN do it manually if I need too.
  • I have the same recorder and what I do is put the video with the recording in the timeline. Then when I can see the audio waves I sync them, delete the in camera audio, and then link my H1 audio to the video then edit and composite my shots.
    Hope this helps.
  • I had never actually re-linked the audio to the video like that!
    I've just given it a go and while it does work while moving the clips around in the timeline, when I create a composite shot with this newly linked clip it ignores the new audio and only uses the original (deleted) audio from the video. Even though the video and audio are 'linked' together.
    I'm not sure if this is correct, or if this is something that could be fixed/changed in Hitfilm.
  • If you do your final sound mix on the editor sequence timeline, do you need to worry about audio in the individual comps?
  • There is a third solution, which is the one pretty much everyone uses: Pluraleyes.
    I've used a Beachtek adapter in the past, back in the days of the Canon GL2, and they make great stuff. But I think Pluraleyes is a better solution for DSLR's. There has been pretty much no thought whatsoever put into the Audio systems on Canon's DSLR's yet, so using good external gear to capture quality audio, and then cramming it into Canon's louse audio system doesn't seem like the way to go to me.


    so how do you import pluraleyes files back into HitFilm Ultimate?  I keep getting an error message.
  • You can't import data from Pluraleyes into HitFilm at this time.  Pluraleyes can export into formats compatible with a variety of editors, but HitFilm isn't one of them.  Yet, at least.  Being able to work with Pluraleyes in the future is certainly something we would be interested in.
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