Create particle smoke effect similiar to the Smoke Preset

I'm trying to recreate something similar to the Smoke Preset effect.
I need an effect much like that, but I want more control. (deflectors, etc)
I've been playing with the smoke and cloud textures, but everything I've created has looked like a cartoon! :(
I've tried scaling the particles down, adjusting their transparency, speed, quantity, blend mode... but nothing even comes close to the preset! (Or the effects created by other users here)
Any advice/direction would be much appreciated.


  • I would recommend starting from a Particle System preset, if you are having trouble. Depending on the specific effect you need, then Ground Smoke, Missile Smoke, Fluffy Cloud or Storm Cloud could be a good starting point to get the appearance you need, then you can adjust the emitter shape or movement or whatever to fit your scene.
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