Why does PhotoKey say my computer is offline when I try to activate?

If your computer is not allowing PhotoKey to access your internet connection, then you can still activate by following the steps for offline activation, as follows:

1. Login to your FXHOME.com account and visit this page: http://fxhome.com/account
2. Click the "Install" link for the version of PhotoKey you wish to install.
3. A new page will open, with instructions for installing. In Step 4, click the “Without internet connection” tab.
4. The instructions in Step 4 will update when you change the tab. Use the link that appears to download your program key file. Do not open the file or unzip it.
5. In the PhotoKey activation wizard, choose the third option for activation, "Select my downloaded program key file." Choose the file you just downloaded to complete the activation process. 

This is sometimes necessary when running an older version of the software, and is the result of security improvements in your OS that were implemented after the version of PhotoKey you are running was discontinued. This issue will not occur with more recent versions of the software.

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