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Why is my application running slow?

The more powerful your computer, the faster HitFilm will perform. In addition to hardware, HitFilm performance depends on three factors:

  1. The number of effects on the currently viewed frame. More effects will take longer to render.
  2. The complexity of effects on the currently viewed frame. A complicated particular simulation will take longer to render than a brightness & contrast effect, for example.
  3. The format of your video footage. Formats designed for editing such as Cineform and ProRes decode much more quickly than most common varieties of H.264, for example.

If you are encountering slow performance it will be due to a combination of the above factors.

Adjusting the Resolution and Quality settings in the Viewer panel can help reduce the processor load and improve performance.

You can also improve performance in-program by disabling rendering features such as shadows, lighting, motion blur and depth of field, or by temporarily turning off layers you are not currently working on.

Always ensure that your drivers are up to date, especially your graphics card drivers.

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