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How do I activate my software?

First time activation

You will have been provided with a serial code when purchasing the software. Depending on your retailer this may have been in an email or in a physical box. You will need this serial code to activate the software. 

Full instructions for downloading and installing can be found on the Software install page.

After downloading and installing the software you will be able to launch it in 'demo' mode. When you start the software you will be given the option to activate the software. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your serial code when requested. This will link your serial code with your HitFilm.com account, which will make it easier to re-install in the future.

Your software will then be ready to use.

Activating after re-installing

If you have previously activated the software and are re-installing it, the process is even easier and you don't need to use your serial code again. If you need to download the installer you can do so from the Software install page.

After installing the software you can follow the on-screen activation instructions and simply login with your HitFilm.com details. As you have previously linked your serial code to your account, the software will re-activate without you needing the serial code.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a free application that after confirming your email address and filling out the form online. The user will be sent a link that is preregistered to their account.

After the first launch of the application, a small window will appear asking you to activate. Here you will need to put in your email address and the password for your HitFilm account. 

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