Can I use a tethered camera?

PhotoKey Pro does allow you to work with a tethered camera, however it does not function as tethering software. The link between your camera and your computer must be handled by third party tethering software. There are many tethering options available, including Canon’s EOS Utility (included free with all Canon cameras), popular image management and editing software including Adobe Lightroom, and Capture One, among others. Whichever tethering software you use, you should set it up so that every image captured by your camera is saved into a specific folder on your computer’s hard drive.

  • Once the tether is set up, launch PhotoKey, and open the Import toolset.
  • Click in the box labeled “Use Hot Folder” to enable the Hot Folder.
  • Click the button with the ellipsis (three dots), and select the folder your tethered camera is saving images into, as your Hot Folder.

Once the Hot Folder option is set up in this way, PhotoKey will continually scan the contents of the selected folder, and compare them to the import list. As soon as a new image is captured into that folder, it will automatically be imported into PhotoKey.

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