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Can I run HitFilm?

HitFilm makes use of the latest computer hardware. If you have a powerful CPU and GPU you will enjoy faster performance.

The system requirements can be found here:

Also note that HitFilm products require 1024 x 728 pixels for the available screen space (i.e. after removing the space for the taskbar/dock/menu at the top/etc)

On our Forums, users and product experts have put together some helpful guides on this topic:

More information on upgrading or buying computer equipment

A guide to GPU terminology

Free demos of all our products are available so that you can test how the software works on your computer before purchasing.

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What file types can I import and export?

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Why is my application running slow?

The more powerful your computer, the faster HitFilm will perform. In addition to hardware, HitFilm performance depends on three factors:…

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