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Do I need to buy extra plug-ins?

HitFilm Pro is designed to be two things: powerful and affordable. When you buy HitFilm Pro you are investing in a comprehensive, high value package.

Many features are included as standard which are only available as expensive plug-ins in competitor software:

  • 3D particle simulator with advanced, physics-driven behavior.
  • Array-based particle engine with fractal and audio-powered animation.
  • Automatic light flares, volumetric light rays and lens dirt.
  • mocha HitFilm for 3D camera solving, powered by Oscar-winning planar tracking technology.
  • 3D model import with self-shadowing.
  • Advanced green screen keying and matte creation tools.

To equip After Effects with equivalent features would cost over $800 in plug-ins – that’s more than double the cost of HitFilm Pro.

However, HitFilm Pro does also support third party plugins, in the OFX format. Many developers offer Hitfilm Compatible plugins, inlcuding NewBlue, Red Giant, Boris FX, RE:Vision Effects, and more.

Find out everything HitFilm Pro has to offer in the free demo

Many of our effects are also available as plugins for other compositors and NLEs. Check out Ignite Pro.

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