Is there a particle engine?

Yes! In fact, HitFilm Pro includes multiple particle engines.

No other video software includes anything as powerful as HitFilm’s particle simulator, which is capable of full 3D particle simulation with multiple forces and deflectors for physics-based animation. It is fully customizable and capable of an unlimited variety of visual effects.

Also included is Atomic particles, an array-based system capable of animating automatically to a music track and creating distinctive grid and string-based visuals.

But that’s not all – HitFilm Pro also includes particle-based shattering of layers and simulation of blood, fire, electricity and gunfire.

Everything in HitFilm Pro is fully customizable and is included with the software.

HitFilm Express includes several preset particle effects but does not include the full customization found in HitFilm Pro.

Try these features in the free demo!

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