Can I create lens flares?

You certainly can! HitFilm includes several advanced effects for creating your own lens flares and light effects. As with all of HitFilm Pro's effects, they are included as standard –  in HitFilm Express you will need to purchase Atmospheric lighting pack. 

Light flares are fully customizable and lens artefacts animate automatically as the flare is moved. Flares can even be linked to motion tracking data to create advanced animation. HitFilm Pro includes automatic flaring, which identifies the brightest parts of your shot and applies realistic lens flares.

Light rays & gleam create dynamic, volumetric lighting effects. Ideal for integrating composited elements with live action footage. Here's an unofficial tutorial showing one possible technique:

Light streaks simulate anamorphic aberrations, similar to the visual style of JJ Abrams.

Lens dirt is exclusive to HitFilm Pro, generating realistic in-lens reflections and dirt specs which adds realism to any CG shot. See it in action 24 seconds into this video:

Try these features in the HitFilm Pro demo.

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