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Read this first!

Read this first!

This article provides quick solutions to common problems when using HitFilm and other FXhome software. We recommend you try these before contacting support.

Get into your account: new passwords

Your account is where you find your software downloads. You also use your account to activate your software after installing it on your computer.

If you’re having trouble accessing your account or remembering your login details, don’t worry! To reset your password and recover your login details, all you need to do is click this button:

Reset my password

Easy installing & activating: step-by-step

Installing FXhome software is quick and simple. In fact, we have step-by-step instructions you can follow to get up and running as fast as possible. Choose your product below to get started:

You can always find instructions for installing your products on your account overview page.

Glitches and errors: you’ve probably got old video drivers

HitFilm uses your computer’s video card (aka graphics card) to render and export video and images. If you’re having unexpected problems the first thing to check is that your video card’s drivers are up to date.

‘Drivers’ are used by your computer to make sure your hardware is all working at full capacity. Windows keeps most of this updated for you, but it’s not unusual for your video card drivers to be out of date.

To find out what video card you have, type ‘Device manager’ into the Windows Start menu and press return. In the list that appears, expand the ‘Display adapters’ section. This will list the manufacturer and model of video card.

You now need to download and install the latest driver, using one of these links:

File not supported: Quicktime missing

If your video files will not work inside HitFilm it’s probably because they are using an unsupported or uninstalled format. In most cases, converting the file to one of the many supported formts is the best solution.

In some cases, Quicktime MOV files might give an error if they use an unsupported codec. HitFilm includes native support for the most common Quicktime codecs (H.264, ProRes, and Cineform), and does not require Quicktime to be installed to decode these files. However, if you have a .mov file using any other codec, you will either need to convert the file, or download and install the full version of Quicktime from the Apple website. Note that Quicktime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple.

Check the full list of supported formats.

Check your computer’s specs

HitFilm is designed to work on a wide variety of computers. You don’t need a supercomputer and any system capable of running modern video games will handle HitFilm just fine.

The important thing is to check whether your computer meets the specifications. Please check these per product in the Support section.

If your system is better than those, then you’ll be fine.

Still need help?

That’s OK – sometimes you need more specific assistance. That’s why we’ve got a great support team who will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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