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New Release: Imerge Pro 2021.3

The Imerge team has been hard at work to bring you the next Imerge Pro release just in time for the end of summer. We’ve added 8 new effects, a new-and-improved effects menu, and new ‘effect stack’ presets to speed up your workflow. Keep reading to learn what’s new in Imerge 2021.3.

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Welcome to the FXhome blog – your one-stop learning resource for everything filmmaking and video production-related. Whether you’re into editing, VFX, photography, or motion graphics, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get learning.

Winter wonderland weather change VFX tutorial
particle simulation
Steven Spicer

Add snow to your videos with this snow VFX tutorial

Learn how to create a winter scene from everyday footage with some simple mattes, 3D camera tracking, and the Particle Simulator. Follow along for free in HitFilm Express or take it to the next level with HitFilm Pro.

Create a cyberpunk scene in HitFilm and Unreal engine with VFX and virtual production
Hannah Odebode

How to create a Cyberpunk scene with VFX

Transport yourself into the neon-lit, futuristic world of Cyberpunk 2077 using Unreal Engine 4, HitFilm, and our free iOS app CamTrackAR.

The best VFX software for beginners - HitFilm Pro interface on Mac
Mark Billen

Best VFX Software for Beginners

Looking to dip your toes into the fantastical world of visual effects but not sure which software to use? You’re in the right place. In this article, we identify the best VFX software tool kit for artists and filmmakers with small budgets but big dreams.

HitFilm 16 release logo header image
Joshua Davies

New Release: HitFilm 16 Software

The Black Friday sales are here and better than ever. If you buy HitFilm during the sale, you’ll get 12 months of updates, including HitFilm 16, for the lowest price of the year! Read on to find out about the incredible features version 16 has to offer.

Ignite Pro 5 release - lightning effects VFX plugins for After Effects
Joshua Davies

New Release: Ignite Pro 5

It’s time to get excited. The new Ignite Pro 5 is here! We have jam-packed this new release with a huge array of awesome new updates, workflow enhancements, plugins, and presets. Continue reading to find out more about the exciting changes in Ignite Pro 5.

Imerge Pro 8 Update Release graphic
Steven Spicer

New Release: Imerge Pro 8

The new Imerge Pro 8 is here and has been jam-packed with a multitude of new features, feature enhancements, and workflow improvements. This release brings even more functionality helping you bring your images to life. Read on to find out more about what this release has to offer.

YouTuber setup with DSLR, gimbal, editing laptop and desk - How to start a YouTube channel for beginners
Steven Spicer

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners

Starting a YouTube channel can be a confusing process for beginners. Learn how to find a niche, set up your channel, and start getting your first subscribers!

Imerge Pro 7 interface on desktop PC monitor - Imerge Pro 7 Release
Steven Spicer

New Release: Imerge Pro 7

The wait is over! In just two years, Imerge Pro has become an essential tool in any photographer’s toolkit. The release of Imerge Pro 7 brings even more functionality to the world of still-image post-production.