For a few months now, while developing HitFilm Pro 2017, we’ve also been working on a super secret project in the background. It involved amazing costumes, handmade props, some 3D models and some very happy Star Wars nerds.

Why did we do it?

2016 has been our busiest ever year, with many projects in the works and a hardcore development schedule to bring as many new features to HitFilm Pro 2017 as possible – but we wanted to do something else to bring our entire community together.

A Star Wars-style fan film was a great excuse to revisit some VFX fundamentals while also diving into meatier 3D shots for our Pro users.

Look behind you!

FXHOME (and the HitFilm software) was built on the belief that filmmakers should not be limited by their budget or their tools. We wanted to show just how cool a film you can make using HitFilm software. Even more than that, we wanted to teach our users just how to create some of the amazing effects we included in this short film! Take a look at the tutorials >>

A watch of the Rogue One trailer at work meant that our theme was decided from the start. We gathered up some of the best people we knew (funnily enough, it wasn’t too difficult finding actors and a production team who wanted to shoot a Star Wars-style fan film) and set about shooting one of our favourite projects to date.

Who did we work with?

When we knew we were going to be making a Star Wars-style short film, we wanted to bring on board Emmy-award winning production company Ember Films.

Added plastic moulds

They’re a small team, based close to us who are doing amazing things. Check out the latest Planet Earth series for some examples of their work (yup, THAT Planet Earth).

We also managed to get our hands on an incredible, disused (and cold) bunker in Huntingdon, Cambridge UK, which was our set for the entire shoot (apart from the hangar shot which was filmed in the Norwich forum). With the exception of a few places where we embellished with the wall with plastic moulds and lights from the pound store – it was the perfect location for a Star Wars-style shoot. Take a peek inside with our behind the scenes video:

What’s coming up?

Some of the keen eyed among you may have noticed some placeholders on our Rebellion page. We’re going to be working on some HitFilm Pro 2017 tutorials for the new year, including animating the AT-AT model (you might even get one of your own to download) and how to import other 3D models.

We’re going to be focusing our attention back on Pro and staying as iterative as possible with our updates. Is there something you want to talk to us about? Send us a suggestion on the forum!

Strap in, because 2017 is going to be even more exciting!

In the meantime, may the Force be with you…..