Imerge Pro is fast becoming one of the most cutting-edge programs on the market for editing and compositing images. This new update completely changes the scope of what can be achieved with Imerge, with the introduction of brush masks, a number of intelligent new features and effects, and a speedier workflow.

Brush masks

With smart blending modes, RAW preservation and the flexibility of content-variations layer to layer, the one thing needed to tie Imerge Pro together as the go-to image compositing software is brush masks. The ability to now selectively edit layers at the stroke of your mouse (or stylus), means you can fine-tune your composites (and edits) quicker and to a higher level of detail than ever before.

Light Rays effect

Ever wanted to add some atmospheric light-streaks to a doorway, or accentuate the atmosphere under a stained glass window? You could spend hours tirelessly masking and editing layers to try and get the effect you’re looking for, or just use Imerge Pro’s new Light Rays effect to calculate and render it all for you!

Define the position of the light-source and Imerge will calculate how to cast rays of light in the scene. Plenty of customization is possible with settings to adjust properties of the light-source (distance, threshold, exposure), the length or ‘fall off’ of the rays as well as other options like color and tint.

Multi-point gradient

A gradient tool like no other – the Multi-point gradient is useful for color masks, graphical backgrounds or anything where you want to introduce color variations beyond that of normal linear and radial gradients.

Add as many points as you want, and for each choose a color and spread, or right-click to remove it. Manipulate the arrangement until you find the result you’re looking for. Use the Voronoi mode to change from a standard gradient blending to closest-point solid shapes, useful for blending colors in your own unique way (or add fractal distortion for creative color patterns).

RAW Denoise and Pixel Defect Correction

Now, when you load up a RAW image, you can perform denoise using the RAW image data, allowing a higher degree of noise removal that just isn’t possible with the standard denoise effect.

Finding and correcting dead or blown-out pixels can be a tedious process to do manually. You can now use Pixel Defect Correction to automatically find and correct them, so you never have to worry about it again.

Lens Distortion effect

The Lens distortion effect allows you to correct (or add) lens distortion, vignette, sharpening and chromatic aberration to your photos. Great for creative effect, image correction or giving wide-angle images a tighter feel.

Halftone effect

Creating some comic-book-style edits? The new Halftone effect transforms any image into a newspaper-style dot print. Customize the style by adjusting resolution, threshold, or creating multiple layers for the authentic feel of a slightly misaligned CMYK print.

Custom mask overlay color

You can now adjust the color of the mask overlay to make it easier to see over the project you’re working on. Just go to the preferences menu to change the color at any time.

Faster workflow

If you’re familiar with any of our software, you’ll know with every update we release we aim to speed up performance and workflow so you spend less time twiddling your thumbs and more time creating.

With the latest update, we’ve adjusted the way the canvas resize dialog works to pre-load the image, making it quicker to open a new project and start working. We’ve also made a number of optimizations to the render engine, meaning some effects now render up to 4 times faster.

So, if you’re as excited as we are to see what you create with all the new tools at your disposal, head over to the Imerge Pro page to download. We’re super excited to share this update with you and can’t wait to see how much further we can push the software over the coming months. If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see in a future update, let us know!

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