It feels like only yesterday that we released ‘Assemble’. The new HitFilm Express has given you loads of new features and effects, except this time there are 33 NEW add-on packs!

As well as that, when you open up the software you’ll see an add-on panel on the left-hand side. Exactly the same as it’s always been – except this time we’ve renamed these add-on packs to make them easier to browse. Don’t panic – you haven’t lost the add-ons you’ve already bought! Every add-on from HitFilm Express 2017 will be transferred over to HitFilm Express when you upgrade.

Want to check? Here are some quick instructions on how to find which goods you got and which you don’t.

  1. Open HitFilm Express
  2. Go to ‘File
  3. Go to ‘Options’
  4. Down to ‘Activation’
  5.  Check your add-ons under ‘Activated features’ and ‘disabled features’.


If you have any further questions about this then please leave them in the comments section below.

Happy editing!
The HitFilm Team