Imerge Pro 5 Update

The latest version of Imerge Pro is now here and packed with 6 new effects, automatic lens correction and a bunch of workflow enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect. But first, we thought we’d tell you about our Black Friday sale starting November 26th. We’ll be slashing prices by up to 40%, across the store until Cyber Monday (December 2nd). So, make sure you’re ready!

What’s in the update?

6 New Effects


The new Denoise effect reduces both luminance noise and color noise while preserving detail in an image. Perfect for restoring images taken at high ISOs.

Skin Retouch

The Skin Retouch effect allows you to isolate and select the skin of a subject. You can then use this to apply uniformity, tone and detail adjustments to remove imperfections, smoothen the look or make the skin warmer in tone.

Bevel and Emboss

You can now add bevelled edges or emboss to the layer beneath this effect. A custom contour editor also allows you to create bespoke contours to adjust the output of these effects.

Fractal Noise

Procedural textures can now be generated with the Fractal Noise effect, which comes with a range of options and properties to create a wide array of textures.

Heat, Smoke, Energy and Fluid Distortion

We’ve added four new fractal distortion effects for distorting layers in organic ways. These can be super useful when compositing images that – realistically – should physically affect the scene. Distort the areas around a fire with Heat and Smoke distortions, or add an aura to ethereal effects with energy and fluid distortions.

Color Match Background

The color match functionality from the Chroma Key can now be used as a standalone effect, allowing you to color match pre-keyed images to any other background image.

RAW automatic lens correction

Most RAW images will now be automatically corrected based on the camera, lens and focal length used to capture the image.

Average color (color picker)

When using the color picker at any point in Imerge, you now have the option to pick an ‘average color’ for a region. Useful for masking, keying, color replacement and many other applications.

Effects and mask locking

When a layer is locked, the masks and effects now become locked too.

Presets in the effect add menu

In the previous version of Imerge Pro, we added the ability to add custom presets. These presets (as well as the default presets) now appear in the effect menu under their parent effects.

There you have it, some of the exciting new features that are now available to you in Imerge Pro. Ready to download our biggest and best Image production software yet? Get the download.

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