Another major update for Imerge Pro has just landed! We’ve made some massive changes to quite a few things under the hood in the render engine and user interface and added a bunch of awesome effects for bringing images to life.

Group Layers

The biggest new feature is the ability to group layers. This adds enormous flexibility to the kinds of composites you are able to make. It’s not simply an organizational tool, these group layers can fundamentally change how things are rendered.

When Imerge sees a Group Layer, it will treat the layers inside separately to the others in the project. Once rendered, the combined result of the Group Layer contents is then composited into the rest of your project. This will really help when it comes to processing more complex projects.

Clip and Knockout blend modes

Two amazing new blend modes are here! The first is Clip which lets you isolated a section of your images based on the alpha channel of your current layer. This means you put text on top of an Image, then set the text to clip blend mode and the Image will only show inside the text. We’re interested in seeing how you use this alongside the new Group Layers.

The second blend mode is the Knockout mode which is simply the inverted version of the Clip blend mode, so the text is going to punch through the image and show what is behind it (on layers below the parent group).

Colorize Black and White effect

Have you seen those Buzzfeed articles about the old war photos, and how artists have painstakingly colorized the photos to bring them to life? Well, we’ve got a new effect for that!

This works in a couple of ways. You can define what full black and white are and Imerge will interpolate between the two depending on the gray level, auto colorizing the image or areas you define with masks. Alternatively, you can specify a gradient map which will then be mapped to the image. We’re really excited about this effect and can’t wait to see what you create with it.

Remove Stock Background effect

This effect works as expected, allowing you to easily remove solid white or black backgrounds from an image and is intended for stock footage. It’s similar to the Luminance Key but if you have well-shot stock photography it’s often an easier and better tool to use.

Highpass effect

This will allow you to run a traditional highpass filter to your image. Yielding an output like the below where mid-grey means no edge was detected then the deviations to black/white/color means where was change within the pixel radius. This can be helpful to isolate edges of varying sizes and is the building block of many retouching techniques.

Highpass Sharpen effect

This builds on the HighPass effect and blends that highpass filter results back with the original to yield an effective sharpening technique in certain circumstances.

Straighten tool

The Straighten allows you to draw a line along a horizon in your image and it will rotate so that horizon line is perfectly horizontal.

Layout tools

The new Layout tools help you layout layers in your composite (similar to the Layout panel in HitFilm). You can select a bunch of layers and do things like:

UI improvements

Other misc improvements

Click here to read the full update notes and download the latest version.