Creating VFX should be bags of fun, but above all – it should be efficient and customizable.


For this reason, your latest update for Ignite Pro introduces the highly intuitive Viewer Controls.

Yep, that’s right. You can now adjust effects directly in the viewer, no more guessing how something is going to turn out with the slider controls (although, they can still be used).

Simply make tweaks by eye and see your changes in real time. Not sure what we mean? Javert explains in this update tutorial for HitFilm Pro. Different software, same rules.

Viewer controls are now available in Resolve, Nuke, After Effects and Premiere Pro so you can visually adjust the effect settings on the viewer image.

There’s also some great news for our Edius users! Plugins are now supported in Edius when running under Windows 7, and are displayed in Edius 9.10 when running under Windows 8.1.

Neat, huh?


Download your update now.

That’s all from us! Enjoy your new Viewer Controls and leave us any feedback in the comments section below.

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