With every new update, HitFilm Express is becoming more and more powerful. Since May we’ve added new text tools, new UI controls and refined add-on packs. We’ve brought on 3 million of you in total, making Express the fastest growing free editing and VFX software in the world.

But that’s not enough for us. We want you to be able to experiment, to enjoy and create with less restrictions.

That’s why, with update 9.1, you now have the ability to try out all the add-on packs inside of HitFilm Express and follow every tutorial we publish – with no restrictions! This change brings everyone to a level playing field and really lets you experience the power of our Pro-level features.

There will be a little icon next to the name of the effect you’re using to indicate whether you’ve purchased the add-on, or you’re using it as a demo. Let’s say you like the look of the particle simulator, but you’re not 100% sure whether it’s right for you. With update 9.1, you can follow along with our Pro tutorials in Express and experiment with the effect to your heart’s content, without needing to buy it right away. The only catch is that when you come to export, you will have a watermark. If you’d like to buy the particle simulator, you can buy it from the HitFilm store and remove the watermark from your work. Simple!

There’s plenty more going on in the 9.1 update. You can see the full list of updates for HitFilm Pro or HitFilm Express here.

This update is designed to help free up your creativity, push your imagination to the limits and guide you to the incredible world of VFX.

Download the latest update now, and see what you’ve been missing.

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