For some, the night before Black Friday is spent in a tent outside their nearest store, or preparing to leave at the crack of dawn to hunt down bargains. For the team here at FXhome it was spent surrounded by incredibly talented individuals and businesses, all nominated at the Norfolk Business Awards!

The first award, ‘Breaking Boundaries‘ was a wonderful recognition of just how much FXhome has grown over the past few years. We’re able to make our software available to you in over 160 countries, and we currently have over 3.3 million creators around the world!

From the judges:

“Our winner has built a niche product in a fast-growing market, with a development programme engaging users by constantly delivering regular improvements. Rapid growth has been aided by a widening product range, and by listening to what customers are asking for. With a community of more than three million users across the globe, the business epitomizes the high level of tech skills in the east of England.”

“It’s clear to the judges that boundaries, both technological and geographical, have been and will continue to be broken in the years to come.”

After all that excitement, we were bowled over to then be announced as winners of the ‘Customer Care‘ award! This award really has come about because of how truly special this community is. We create all of our software for you, with your ideas directly feeding the development. Listening to your feedback and responding to you directly is so important to us, and it’s wonderful to be recognized for that outlook.

From the judges:

“The judges were in no doubt of this year’s winner of the Customer Care category. FXhome is an innovative and forward-thinking company led by chief executive Josh Davies, who has clearly been able to embed a customer service excellence culture into this organisation.

“The passion and enthusiasm for its product, and the ability to connect with a growing community in a genuine and authentic way, was evident throughout their entry.”

It was an unforgettable evening, and a huge congratulations to all of the other winners on the night! But most importantly, we need to thank all of you. The community we’ve created together over the past few years is one built on an understanding that we can only improve if we listen to the users. These awards communicate just how special this relationship between us, as developers, and you, our user base, is, and we hope you’ll join us as we continue forward into an exciting future for FXhome!