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Making videos used to be really expensive. Now you get to do it all for free in the brand new HitFilm 4 Express: editing and visual effects, combined into one easy to use interface, for Mac and Windows.

We’ve taken some of the technology we developed for HitFilm 4 Pro and moved it into the new version of Express, including the new animation system, audio filters, editor improvements. There’s also more effects included for free – including curves, end credits crawl, lightning and action cam lens distort.

Did you know?

The Heads Up sketch started life as a new collaboration with the guys over at Film Riot. You can check out the whole episode over on their channel.

It’s good to be back

To celebrate the arrival of HitFilm 4 Express we’ve put together a new sketch and tutorial series, showing you exactly how to create super authentic Iron Man-style heads-up displays. These tutorials work great for both Express and HitFilm 4 Pro users, so do give them a watch.

These techniques work for any kind of holographic display and the whole project is surprisingly simple considering the quality of the result. It’s pretty exciting that anybody can do this kind of thing entirely for free.

We make the Express version of HitFilm for one very clear reason: we want everybody to be able to make cool stuff. If you’re just starting out making movies, or you’re a young creator who doesn’t have easy access to a credit card yet, or maybe you’re a Let’s Play gamer who wants to take things up a notch, HitFilm 4 Express is there to make sure that nobody has to settle for the basic, under-powered video editor that came with their computer.

What about Pro?

HitFilm 4 Pro is the only place you’ll find the particle sim, advanced chroma key and 3D model animation; over 319 effects, transitions and presets; the amazing BorisFX 3D Objects titler and mocha HitFilm; 4K resolutions and more – See it in action.

Get it now!

Whether this is the first time you’re trying HitFilm or you’re upgrading from HitFilm 3 Express, all you need to do is click this button:

Get HitFilm 4 Express free

That’s all there is to it.

If you’re upgrading from HitFilm 3 Express you’ll be happy to hear that all your add-ons carry over to the new version. All your projects will still work in HitFilm 4 Express, too, so there’s no reason to not upgrade right now.

Make sure you take a look at our Making Of:

Over 345,000 people are using HitFilm, which is an incredible number. Every day more of you are discovering HitFilm 4 Pro, and it’s that generous support which makes it possible for us to keep developing software for everyone.

From all of us here on the HitFilm team: thank you.

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