A few weeks ago, we disturbed a peaceful day in the office by rushing from desk to desk and ringing a bell, town-crier style.

We’ve been waiting to ring this bell since HitFilm started. It was reserved for one single thing: the day we passed 1 million HitFilm users worldwide.

It’s been just a few weeks since that day, and already the community has swelled to 1.1 million and counting. We wanted to take some time aside from our development schedule and our everyday conversations to say to you, to all of you – how happy we are that you have decided to join us.

Thank you for choosing to be part of this community. For listening to friends, YouTubers and journalists you respect when they told you to check us out. For feeding back into the software and helping it grow year on year. For supporting each other. For sharing your knowledge. For being one of the most passionate and friendly communities you could hope to find on the interwebs.

Josh Davies (you may know him from our YouTube channel and, oh – founding the company) wanted to add a few words:

Why did you start HitFilm?

“There were a hundred reasons to start HitFilm, but the one we always come back to is this: we feel that it is incredibly important that everyone can tell their story. Becoming a filmmaker is an extremely daunting but fulfilling path to follow, and with HitFilm we hope to make each step a little easier.”

How does it feel to reach over 1 million users?

“It feels great! The HitFilm team are incredibly thankful to everyone around the world who are with us on this journey and help us improve the product every day. I’m so proud of our team and their unwavering commitment to making HitFilm better – honestly, it feels like we’re just getting started!”

What does the future hold for HitFilm?

“Each version of HitFilm has moved on further than the last, and this is going to continue. This year will be our most exciting yet with more tools than ever which we can’t wait to share with you all. We get strong messages from our community about editing, motion graphics and visual effects – we’re working towards a lot of these right now, and also some surprises. We’ll keep pushing hard to make HitFilm the best place for anyone getting into filmmaking and visual effects.”

What would this community be without some of its most dedicated and active users? Over the past couple of months we’ve heard some amazing feedback from the community which we’d love to share:

“The HitFilm community is consistently the most friendly and helpful I’ve been a part of. Having direct contact and feedback with/from HitFilm Staff is a rarity as well.” – Triem23

“It’s truly an awesome piece of software. It’s easy to use, comes loaded with all kinds of sweet features, and it’s affordable too! With the express version being free and already loaded with sick features, what’s not to love?” – Ryan Dixson

“I love this software! I do all my editing and VFX and most of my color grading in it. Easy to learn, intuitive, and powerful software! Plus the price is unbeatable compared to other Editing/Compositing Software!” – John Mousseau

“HitFilm! Your latest instalment is awesome. I’m officially gonna make the full jump to just using HitFilm. I’ve been following the development since version 2. Thank you for great software! Looking forward to making new stuff with HitFilm!” – Charles McHenry

“This program is amazing! Going through all tutorials. Thanks! I can see this being a huge game changer for editing and everything else. Great Job! Again thanks!” – Mattbigwig

“I have tried many free video edit programs and, by far, HitFilm is the best. Thank you guys for making it available. Will recommend.” – L Rad

“I’m actually really impressed with both the program and the tutorial. HitFilm is versatile and free, and I came out of this video with a better knowledge of how modern effects work. Well done HitFilm” – ValiantVole

“As someone totally new to filmmaking, I absolutely love how intuitive HitFilm is to use and am blown away by its feature film quality and built-in visual effects extras. Thank you for giving me such an easy way to turn my love of film into something real!” – Sandy Perilli

“One of HF’s greatest assets is the community.  I remember one of my first questions was about what happened to a mask that wasn’t working as expected.  I immediately got a friendly response from Axel suggesting that I check my GPU and drivers. I updated drivers and the problem was fixed. There was no condescending tone or attitude, just simply “you’ve got a problem, lets see if we can help.” It has been like that since day one for me on the Forum and there really seems to be a feeling of comradery among all the users.  Everyone tries to solve problems and help each other with the software without judging the experience level of newcomers; it feels like you are talking to friends that you know.” – Stargazer54

Before we sign off today we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone out there in the HitFilm community for making this milestone possible. Your support, dedication and feedback goes a long way in helping the HitFilm grow and we truly appreciate each and every one of you. Here’s to 2 million!

We’ll keep making great software. You keep making great films.