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Blog Topic: software update

Stranger Things-inspired poster - Imerge Pro 4 Blog

New Release: Imerge Pro 4

More highly requested features and effects. The fourth and biggest iteration of Imerge Pro yet has now landed.

Dark graded waves from above - Imerge Pro 3 Update

New Release: Imerge Pro 3

Another major update for Imerge Pro has just landed! We’ve made some massive changes to quite a few things under the hood in the render engine and user interface and added a bunch of awesome effects for bringing images to life.

HitFilm 12 Fireworks - FXhome

New Release: HitFilm 12

Welcome to the future! You read that correctly, HitFilm 12, the largest and most comprehensive update we’ve ever released, is now available!

Abstract hyperdrive effect background graphic

New Release Rollout

2019 is looking to be an incredible year for us here at FXhome, and more importantly for you: our users! We knew our next update announcement had to be special, so we’ve gone all out to kick this year off with an enormous update roll-out.

Surface Studio effect on rusted aperture sign outside desert shack HitFilm Pro VFX software

New Release: HitFilm 11

From a new ‘Surface Studio’ effect to help you create those cinematic decayed titles to 4 new powerful plugins and more, HitFilm 11 has got you covered! Read on to find out about the incredible features version 11 has to offer.

HitFilm Pro Studio setup on desktop PC and two laptops (HitFilm, Imerge, Action)

12 months of updates!

So in November 2017, we ripped up the old rules and changed our pricing model so that those who buy HitFilm Pro (or Ignite, or Action), get 12 months of free updates and support included.

Letterpress - HitFilm Pro 10 update

New Release: HitFilm 10

No more tedious text! We develop HitFilm based on the awesome number of user requests we get and this one is no exception.

HitFilm 9.1 Interface

HitFilm 9.1 Update

An awesome change has arrived with new text tools, new UI controls and refined add-on packs.

Witness Protection Viewer Controls - Pixelate effect HitFilm Pro

New Release: Ignite Pro 7

A small update that packs a punch! Creating VFX should be bags of fun, but above all – it should be efficient and customizable.

HitFilm Pro interface swing

New Release: HitFilm 9

This big HitFilm 9.0 update introduces a completely reworked Export screen, providing greater power and more intuitive controls. Timelines can be selected and added to the export queue from the Export screen, and preset organization has been simplified and a number of bug fixes are also included.