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Blog Topic: HitFilm

Letterpress - HitFilm Pro 10 update

New Release: HitFilm 10

No more tedious text! We develop HitFilm based on the awesome number of user requests we get and this one is no exception.

New Release: HitFilm 9

This big HitFilm 9.0 update introduces a completely reworked Export screen, providing greater power and more intuitive controls. Timelines can be selected and added to the export queue from the Export screen, and preset organization has been simplified and a number of bug fixes are also included.

HitFilm 8.1 Update

You may have heard about GDPR recently; we’ve made some necessary changes to remain compliant with the new regulations along with a great little feature to help you customize what you see in the viewer and some other adjustments. This 8.1 update includes:

HitFilm Pro 8 update - HitFilm Pro logo over star field

New Release: HitFilm 8

HitFilm Pro just got a huge update. “Another one?!” I hear you say. You bet! And this time, we’re focusing on motion graphics.

Just a quick recap for those of you who haven’t yet got HitFilm Pro: we now give you 12 months of FREE tools and features fresh from our developers. Since introducing this new licensing model, HitFilm Pro has grown to include 820+ effects & presets!

2.1 Million HitFilm Users

Over Christmas something amazing and unexpected happened: we smashed a milestone that came very prematurely. The HitFilm Community grew from 1 million users to an incredible 2.1 million users in less than a year.

HitFilm 6.1 Update

This update focuses on eliminating anything which the awesome HitFilm community noticed in the 6.0 release which could have been improved on.

1 Million HitFilm Users

A few weeks ago, we disturbed a peaceful day in the office by rushing from desk to desk and ringing a bell, town-crier style.

We’ve been waiting to ring this bell since HitFilm started. It was reserved for one single thing: the day we passed 1 million HitFilm users worldwide.

You’re helping to shape HitFilm

Our userbase has grown massively over the last two years and we want to keep the community at the heart of everything we do with HitFilm.

Empty road in Highlands - The Road to HitFilm

The road to HitFilm

Whoever you are, and whatever you want, you’re welcome here. That is the nature of the HitFilm concept and how we’ve approached the design of HitFilm 3 Pro in particular.