PhotoKey 6 Pro

The idea. The technology. The perfect image.

Find out how PhotoKey 6 Pro & green screen photography can work for you


Dynamic & powerful images

Perfect for sports and action shots

  • PhotoKey 6 Pro gives you complete creative control over your images.
  • Shoot your own backgrounds, or use existing images.
  • Capture dynamic movement under controlled lighting in the studio.
  • Instantly separate the subject from the green screen.
  • Adjust your subjects and backgrounds individually to create powerful new compositions.
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Go behind the scenes »

British photographer Mike Harrington explains why composite images are an important part of his commercial work and how he created this dynamic parkour image using PhotoKey 6 Pro's advanced green screen features.


Fast, simple & creative

Explore new creative concepts

  • On-location photography from the comfort of your studio.
  • Get the job done with PhotoKey 6 Pro's fast and efficient workflow.
  • Works as a standalone program or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.
  • Retain full quality and metadata using color profiles and EXIF information.
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Go behind the scenes »

British photographer Mike Harrington discusses the green screen process and bringing his ideas to life with PhotoKey 6 Pro.

PhotoKey 6 Pro features »

What makes it all possible?

PhotoKey 6 Pro uses the most advanced Chroma key technology and keying techniques, combined with a range of features designed for professional photographers.
Here are just some of the great features in PhotoKey 6 Pro.

  • Instant green screen removal

    Import your photos and the green screen will be instantly replaced with a new background of your choice.

  • Photoshop integration

    Combine Photoshop's unrivalled image manipulation features with PhotoKey's market leading green screen removal tools.

  • High quality keying

    Enjoy a fast workflow with detailed options for fine tuning your image for perfect results.

  • Tips for great composite photos

    Mike Harrington reveals his secrets, from concept to composite.

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PhotoKey 6 Pro

Designed for professional green screen photographers.

  • Super fast background replacement.
  • Batch processing of thousands of images.
  • Professional green screen removal.
  • Easy Photoshop integration.

Find out what PhotoKey 6 Pro can do for your business today.

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