Color grading effects are for giving your project a unique visual style.

Day For Night

A quick way to convert a shot filmed in the day to having the appearance of being filmed at night.

Applies a gradient based on the Horizon property, with separate controls for the near and far areas.

Day for night

Hue Colorize

Applies a new hue to the layer,.

hue colorize

Hue Shift

Moves the entire color spectrum of the layer through different hues.

hue shift

Three Strip Color

Simulates the three strip color film process commonly used in the early days of color film, resulting in richer, deeper colors.

3 strip

Two Strip Color

Simulates the two strip color film process. More information on the process can be found in this article on Wikipedia.


Adds a colored overlay to the edges of the layer. You can customize the color, shape and softness of the vignette.