viewer text layer

The Text tool is used for creating and editing text in the Viewer. It is the only way to edit the text content of a text layer.

Creating text layers

New text layers can be created in the Viewer when the Text tool is selected.

Click anywhere in the Viewer that doesn't already have text and start typing.
Drag a text box area in the Viewer and start typing.

You can also create text layers from the New Layer menu on a composite shot timeline.

Adjusting text boxes

Text is displayed inside text boxes. Text will automatically wrap to the next line of a text box.

If the text box is not large enough for its contents some text will be cropped.

The shape and size of the selected text box can be adjusted by dragging the handle on its bottom-right corner. The text will automatically update as the text box is changed.

Editing text

You need to have the Text tool selected in the Viewer to edit text.

With the Text tool selected only text layers will be highlighted in the Viewer. Select the text layer you wish to edit, then begin typing.

You can select text and move the cursor as you would in an ordinary text application.

You can continue to edit text even if it is in 3D.

Text properties are controlled from the Text panel.

Transforming text

Text is transformed like any other layer. You need to use the Select tool to transform text in the Viewer.

If you have the Text tool selected you will not be able to transform the text layer on the Viewer. You can still transform it using the Controls panel or timeline.

RECAP The text tool us used for creating and manipulating text layers.