Temporal effects alter layers based on time.

Channel time shift

Moves red, green and blue channels backwards or forwards in time individually.

Channel time shift


Creates repeated versions of the layer, offset in time, which are blended onto the current frame.

Echo Time - the time difference between each echo.
Decay - each subsequent echo will be less visible.



Creates glitches in video playback order.

Motion trails

Adds a fake motion blur based on the movement of the layer.

Force MB


Changes the playback speed of the layer.

The speed effect does not change the duration of the layer on the timeline. If you reduce the speed of the layer you will not be able to see any frames which are not played before the end of the layer.


Reduces the number of frames displayed during playback of the layer, without changing the playback speed.

Time displacement

Displaces the layer based on time. You can displace using the layer itself or another layer.

The Black Time Shift and White Time Shift values specify where in time the displacement source is from.

time displacement

Time reverse

Plays the layer in reverse frame order.