Select (layer)


select tool

The Select tool is a multi-purpose tool that you can use for the majority of your composite shot work.

Selecting layers

You can select single or multiple layers with the Select tool. Selected layers are highlighted in blue.

Simply click a layer to select it. Selecting a different layer will deselect the first one.
Holding Ctrl while selecting layers enables you to select multiple layers.
You can also drag a selection box around multiple layers to select them all.

Moving layers

You can move any layer to a new location on the timeline by dragging it with the mouse.

Trimming layers

The Select tool is also used for simple trim edits, when you want to change a layer's in or out point.

When you move your mouse over the start or end of a layer it will change to the trim pointer. You can then drag with the mouse to change the in or out point.

As you change a layer's in or out point the surrounding layers will not be affected.

You can't trim a layer to be longer than its source media asset.

RECAP The Select tool is the most commonly used editing tool, enabling you to select, move and trim layers.