project screen

The Project screen is used for adjusting the properties of your current project. You will also be shown the Project screen when creating a new project.

If the Project screen tab is grey and can't be accessed you need to first create a new project from the Home screen.

The different sections can be accessed using the tabs on the left of the screen.

Editor sequence - these are the properties for your Editor sequence.
Advanced - extra settings for advanced users.

Understanding project properties

Choosing your project properties is one of the most important steps in using HitFilm (or any video software!) as it will affect most things you do, particularly during editing and when you export your finished movie.

HitFilm is designed so that you can edit everything about your project whenever you want. You can switch back to the Project screen at any time to adjust the properties, even when in the middle of a project.

Adjusting your editor properties can have undesirable consequences on your Editor timeline if you've already started editing. It's always best to get your settings correct at the start if possible.

RECAP You can tweak and update your project settings whenever you want.