The Home screen gives you easy access to your projects and keeps you up-to-date about software updates and the HitFilm community.

Your projects

To the left of the home screen, just below the banners, you'll find the Your projects box. This is a fast way to create a new project or open an old one.

If you have been working on other projects you will see them listed in chronological order. If you want to continue working on one, simply click it to jump straight back to where you left it.

Live web content

The Home screen displays up-to-date content live from the HitFilm.com community. This is a great way to keep on top of the latest HitFilm developments and see what other filmmakers in the community have been working on.

You need an active internet connection to view the live content.

RECAP The Home screen is your starting point for creating and loading projects and keeping up-to-date with HitFilm news.