Finding and organizing media

Finding and organizing media

Whether you're working on a single visual effects shot, a short film or an entire feature, the Project Media list can quickly become rather busy. HitFilm has a range of features to help you locate and organize specific media.

View modes

list thumb views

The Project Media listing can be switched between a list view or a thumbnail view using the icons next to the find box.

Thumbnail view (above left) displays large previews of media next to the name so that you can tell at a glance which asset is which. This can be particularly useful if lots of your media assets have similar names.
List view (above right) shows small icons to represent each media type and is a compact way to fit lots of media onto your screen. If your media has descriptive names this is an efficient view mode.

You can switch between either view mode at any time without changing the actual organization of your media.

Filtering media


find box

If you're trying to find a specific media asset you can use the find box. This will filter the Project Media listing as you type.

You can click the X icon to clear the find box and return to the unfiltered listing.


Your media can be grouped in two different ways: by media and by folder. You can switch between these groupings at any time using the menu at the top right of the Project Media list.

Group by folder

When grouping by folder the organization of your media is up to you. You can leave them in a single long list, or you can create folders and organize your media so that everything is easy to find.

The New Folder button at the bottom of the Media panel will create a new folder for you to use. If you already have a folder selected the new folder will be created inside it.

Organizing your media

Media and folders can be moved into other folders by clicking and dragging with the mouse. You can also select multiple media assets and folders using the standard Windows shortcut keys (Shift and Ctrl) or by dragging a selection box.

A green outline will indicate where the media assets will be placed.

Your media assets are only references to the source files, so the organization of Project Media list will not affect their actual locations on your computer.

Group by media

group by media

This grouping arranges your media assets automatically, grouping them by media type. There are five media types:

Composite shots
Audio & video

Group by media is a very effective way to organize small projects, as it saves you the time of having to organize everything into your own folders manually.

Group by media ignores any of your own folders that you have created when using Group by folder.

Your Group by folder settings are retained when you use Group by media, so when you switch back your files and folders will still be organized exactly as you left them.

Arranging media

Regardless of which group and filter options you use, you can then arrange the results according to different criteria.

The Arrange By: menu at the top of the Project Media list is used to choose the attribute to use for arranging.

Name - arranges the list alphabetically. This is useful if you know the name of the media asset you need.
Type - arranges the list according to filetype. For example, all PNG images will be arranged together. This is useful if you are looking for a particular type of image, video or audio file.

The Ascending/Descending toggle changes the order of the arrangement.

RECAP Whether you have a handful of media assets or hundreds, HitFilm's Media panel can be used to quickly organize them and find what you need.