Controls panel

Controls panel

controls panel

The Controls panel is where you adjust the properties of your clips, layers and effects.

If you are working on the Editor sequence the Controls panel is the only place you can make adjustments to your effects.

In composite shots some layer properties are also represented on the timeline, but the Controls panel generally provides a richer, more detailed experience.

For information on specific effects, check out the Using layers & effects section.

Text layers have their own unique controls in the Text panel.

Changing the Controls panel focus

The Controls panel displays the controls for the currently selected clip or layer.

All of the selected clip or layer's properties are listed in the Controls panel, split into separate sections. Some sections are common to all clips and layers, such as Transform, while others will be specific to the type of layer.

Single clicking on anything on your timeline will update the Controls panel.

Double-clicking on sections, items (such as masks or effects) or specific properties on the timeline will automatically jump you to the correct section in the Controls panel.

Using controls

Controls for your clips and layers are in the following forms:


Some effects also have custom control systems, which are explained in the relevant chapter in Using layers & effects.

Most sections and individual effects can be reset to their default values using the orange reset buttons.

For information on keyframing your properties see Animating with keyframes.


Most properties are represented by one of more numerical values. Opacity is a single percentage value, while the 2D position is determined by its X and Y pixel coordinates, for example.

Clicking and dragging on a value with the mouse will increase and decrease it, similar to using a slider.

Clicking once on a value enables you to type in a specific number.

You can move from one value to the next without using the mouse by pressing the Tab key.

Linked values

Some values are linked together, such as with the scale property. In this case, changing one of the values will change the others as well.

If you want to adjust each of the values independently, first click the chain icon to unlink them.


Properties involving degrees, such as rotation, use a wheel.

By default the wheel itself is hidden. To use the wheel first click the expand arrow next to the property's name.

Wheels usually store the number of turns as well as the degrees. For example, rather than displaying a rotation of 400 degrees, HitFilm will instead display a rotation of 1x40.00 degrees.

RECAP The Controls panel is where you adjust the properties of your clips and layers.