Controlling layers from the timeline

HitFilm gives you two ways to control your layers in a composite shot. You can use the Controls panel, or you can use the timeline.

In most cases the controls are the same in both areas, so you can use whichever is most convenient, but there are a few cases in which a control can only be found in the Controls panel. The Controls panel also gives you 'richer' controls, with extra interface elements to make things easier.

Expanding and collapsing


As you build your composite shot you will add more and more layers. Each layer contains the standard controls, and you can also add additional effects and masks. This means your timeline can very rapidly take up a lot of vertical space.

To keep this manageable, each control section can be expanded and collapsed so that you only see what is relevant to what you're doing.

You can expand and collapse layers and controls using the arrows in the layer list. The tree-style display makes it easy to see which controls belong to which layer.

Inactive controls

Some controls will be greyed out at first, such as Masks and Effects. These can't be expanded or collapsed until they contain at least one effect or mask.

You can add effects and masks using the icons to the right of the layer list, by dragging an effect from the Effects panel or by drawing a mask in the viewer.

Adjusting controls

Once you have expanded the relevant section you will be able to access its controls direct from the timeline.

Any changes you make on the timeline are mirrored in the Controls panel, and vice versa.

The main benefit of using the timeline controls is in being able to see your keyframes easily in the layer view. To find out about keyframes and how to use them, read Animating with keyframes.

RECAP Your layers can be controlled directly from the timeline.