About the web reference manual

About the web reference manual

There are many resources available which will help you learn how to get the most from HitFilm.

This is the web reference manual, which provides detailed explanations of every feature found in the application. It is easily searchable and a good place to check if you want to know something about a specific tool.

The manual is split into several sections, each focusing on a different part of the HitFilm software. Clicking on a section heading will display its contents. You can also search the manual for something specific or use the index to locate the required information.

Occasionally you will see different types of notes as follows:

This is a note. You will find notes scattered around the manual highlighting important information.

This reference manual is for both versions of HitFilm. Features exclusive to Ultimate will be marked accordingly as follows:

HitFilm Ultimate only

The term 'HitFilm' is used interchangeably to describe both the Ultimate and Standard versions. When referring to the software and without specifying Standard or Ultimate it can be assumed that the information applies to both versions.

RECAP Most sections include reminders of the main points at the bottom of the page.

Need help?

If you do have a problem, don't worry - we've got your back:

The support section of the HitFilm website is your first port of call.
The FAQs are the first place to check as your questions may already have been answered.
Our online video tutorials are free to watch and cover all the basics of using the software. Watch and learn!
When you want to ask your fellow users for help or advice you can do so in the Self-help forums.
If you need an official response from the HitFilm team you can send us a question.