3D effects

3D effects

All of HitFilm's 3D effects are listed in the 3D folder in the Effects panel.

The 3D effects use HitFilm's particle simulator and can interact with your other layers in full 3D.

3D effects can only be used on 3D Composite shots.

Using 3D effects

The effects in the various sub-folders are designed to be quick and easy to use: you can drag them onto your timeline, make a couple of alterations and have a working effect. All of the Controls are set up to be intuitive and relate to real world terms.

Gunfire and the Particle Simulator (HitFilm Ultimate only) provide you with full control and can be used to build up entirely new effects from scratch.

The 3D effects also have their own presets which are also located in the Effects panel.

When a 3D effect is added to the timeline it will create a new layer.

If a 3D effect is added to the Editor sequence it will automatically create a new composite shot based on the Editor sequence properties.

RECAP 3D effects create new layers on the timeline and are used for advanced particle simulations.